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yesterday 08:30 (28 hours ago)
Advanced button integration
Hi I have read http://support.qualityunit.com/551283-Advanced-button-integration and it works fine. But how can we do to hide <h2 class="alt" onClick="button.onClick();">St...
Apr 16 (3 days ago)
Can contact, which is assigned to a company see tickets made by other other contacts from the same company ?
For example boss of some company would like to monitor all tickets made by his staff Is it possible ? Of course it is possible. Your boss can filter a particular agent's messages (snapshot below) or ...
Apr 15 (4 days ago)
BUG - last note shown to client in list of client tickets
Hello I suppose that notes made by Agents in Tickets should be visible to Agents only. But when Client see list of his tickets /my_tickets#My-Tickets;%7B%7D notes shown inline. However notes not visib...
Apr 10 (8 days ago)
Data Error
Hello. We are facing some difficulties to setting our liveagent properly. We are getting too many "Data Error" messages. Follows attached some prints of the error. Plus, all the system pre...
Apr 10 (9 days ago)
I have successfully installed liveagent on my magento site but 'button code' drop down option is not showing up. How to eradicate the problem?
Account setting option is showing up and i have created account through it. Expecting reply as soon as possible. Your request was answered via your email.
Apr 09 (10 days ago)
Ticket ID
Hello! I would like to know if is possible to work with customizable ticket's ID. The standard ticket's number is something like this: ZTO-GDDCP-417 But would be a lot better work with codes that m...
Apr 05 (14 days ago)
Is it possible to restrict sending contact forms to logged in clients only ?
Customer Portal has an option [x] Require authentication If selected, user will need to be logged in to read ticket history. Is there similar option to restrict creating tickets for logged in users...
Apr 02 (17 days ago)
Need to preview my KB theme before applying it to LiveAgent KB
I'm trying to create my own theme. I need the ability to preview my changes before making them live. I've read http://support.qualityunit.com/975390-How-to-create-your-own-theme-and-change-the-icons-o...
Apr 01 (18 days ago)
Live agent selection
If I understood correctly live agent also takes note of the agents who support actual customers. So in other words, the script tries to let the same agent support a customer who already was supported ...
Apr 01 (18 days ago)
Live agent selection
If I understood correctly live agent also takes note of the agents who support actual customers. So in other words, the script tries to let the same agent support a customer who already was supported ...
Mar 28 (22 days ago)
Installation on Windows Azure
Hi I have difficulty to install the LA on Azure. I've attached the error logs and screen shots. Please analyze and let me know how I can install successfully. My purchase login is yvonne_lau@shi.com Y...
Mar 19 (31 days ago)
overenie poctu agentov
dobry den, potrebujem overit pocet agentov v nasej instalovanej verzii LA, mame licenciu pre 10 agentov, realne ma profil 9, ale stale nam hlasi ze dalsieho agenta uz nejde pridat, mozeme sa prosim na...
Mar 10 (39 days ago)
Toggle ranking
I am trying to use LiveAgent in a multi-tenant-like manner and would like to be able to modify certain behaviour. After certain chat sessions (based on department) I would like to have an exit survey...
Mar 08 (42 days ago)
Referral ID
From the network panel I notice a "Signup Commission" tab on the "Affiliate Signup" form, with a Referral ID#. Is that the network referral id # that was generated by the system? H...
Mar 04 (45 days ago)
Click Tracking not working
Where do I start to try figuring out why my click tracking isn't working? Following these steps you can check your click tracking integration: http://support.qualityunit.com/750334-Integration-check-c...
Mar 03 (46 days ago)
Submitting Question Again! Urgent Issue - Netsuite Tracking Not Working
I use NetSuite. I recently switched from the one page checkout to the basic checkout. When I tried to use the tracking code that was working before, it would not work with the basic cart. I have now t...
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Mar 02 (47 days ago)
how do i change my password for STMP.gmail.com
I can never send email because i do not remember my password. Best choice is go on gmail.com click on help and forgot password. Google will send you new password on alternative E-mail.
Feb 26 (52 days ago)
Api Highrise error
Hi, I have the api for Highrise integrated in my Live Agent, but I get an error. When I sync a client I get the following error: Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/therapinfo/domai...
Feb 25 (53 days ago)
Empty e-mail body
Hello, we started to use Live Agent today and we recieved few messages with empty body (not text in it). We still have back up of incomming e-mails and there we found that the message was not empty. ...
Feb 21 (57 days ago)
Invitation buttons are not present in my admin portal, when I try to create the Invitations function
When I go to settings>chat>Invitations>Create> I cannot see any "buttons" to select. Each grey section is blank...Is there a fix for this?? What version of LiveAgent do you use? ...
Feb 16 (2 months ago)
Unable to register some new users
I'm unable to register some specific User. Always got the message the Mail-Adress does exist, but I delete the contact.
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Feb 14 (2 months ago)
Categorys in the knowledgebase only for Users which are logged in
Is there a way to show some specific categorys for users which are logged in? The proberty internal /public doesn't have any effect Hello Andreas, internal/public does not work for logged/ not logge...
Feb 13 (2 months ago)
Knowledgebase Attachments Still Nothing?
I mentioned this 8 months ago and we still do not have this function. You can upload attachments to a forum question but not to a knowledge base article. Why does this continue to be an issue? How is ...
Feb 06 (2 months ago)
Challing? drop the "H"?
Here is a picture from reports and call. from when a call is answered. Thanks for reporting this typo. We will fix it in the next release of LiveAgent.
Feb 04 (2 months ago)
ako dám na moju stránku
čo mám spravit aby to bolo na mojej stránke Poznamka: toto je verejne forum. Ak mate technicku otazku, specifikujte blizsie detaily (najma "to") a obratte sa na nas prostrednictvom linky: ht...
Jan 29 (2 months ago)
Custom Theme Not Working
I've followed the directions here http://support.qualityunit.com/975390-How-to-create-your-own-theme-and-change-the-icons-of-knowledgebase-categories?r=1 But the theme doesn't actually become "a...
Jan 28 (2 months ago)
Why no send button in Musho chat window?
I really like the style of the Musho chat window. However, it seems to be the only style that has no send button. Hitting the enter or return button on the keyboard seems to send the text of the chat ...
Jan 28 (2 months ago)
Spell Checking in Firefox
Hello, It looks like LiveAgent disables the built in editor spell checker in Firefox, is there a way to undo this? Having spell checking is really important when composing replies. Have you seen the...
Jan 27 (2 months ago)
Channel for wordpress and facebook comments from webpages
I would like to be able to fetch comments from my wordpress-pages. Best would to get wordpress and facebook comments into LA You can utilize the REST API to create new conversations: http://support.qu...
Jan 20 (2 months ago)
Different Icon Sets/Look and feels
I would like to be able to chose between different icon sets without creating my own theme. This comes together with being able to choose ready-made (or easy to change) modern look-and-feels with typo...