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Images and templates are not loaded (NginX)
On newer versions of PAP are images and templates loaded via pap script that loa... more
Data are not exporting (Export to CSV button)
If you have trouble doing export via "Export to CSV" button with resul... more
Cannot place an order of SaaS solution of Post Affiliate Pro (Network) - authorization failed
When placing an order of SaaS solution of Post Affiliate Pro (Network), the orde... more
PayPal orders not tracked on BlueHost server
Seems like BlueHost servers use mod_security which is preventing PayPal IPN from... more
Google Tag Manager support
If you want to use Google Tag Manager to mange your tracking scripts on the webs... more
API add() and save() requests throw ‘Request not executed yet’ error message
A customer of ours who uses PHP 5.5.6 with nginx and php-fpm tried to use a gene... more
Issues that can be revealed (solved) via custom.php file
Sometimes during installation or update of Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) or Post Affi... more
Unsupported integrations
Here is a short list of shopping carts/payment gateways that we can't integrate ... more
Importing affiliates does not work
Sometimes you may want to import affiliates into Post Affiliate Pro, but for som... more
I see error "No input file specified." on IIS server
This error means, that your PHP is not configured correctly in your IIS server. ... more
vBulletin PayPal subscription
* Log in to your vBulletin admin panel and go to: Styles & Templates >... more
Flash charts in Post Affiliate Pro are not visible in Firefox, but works fine in IE
Charts in Post Affiliate Pro are displayed using Flash. There could be more rea... more
Error/blank page when previewing rebrand pdf banner
When I want to preview a re-branded PDF banner, I get this error (or simply blan... more
Invalid Smarty syntax
Special character The error "Invalid Smarty syntax" should appear when... more
Following files have not been uploaded correctly
If you see following error during running installer it means that not all files ... more
The General affiliate link is not displayed
This can be caused by two main reasons: First one is your tracking settings - if... more
Error when adding Google Analytics code to affiliate panel.
Post Affiliate Pro uses Smarty template engine (http://www.smarty.net/) so some ... more
Database status shows as no data loaded
Possible reason why this happens is, thatyour mysql user, which you use for conn... more
Curl error: <url> malformed
Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Gpf_Exception' with message 'Curl error: <ur... more
Referral ID can contain only [a-zA-Z0-9_-] characters. email given
When trying to signup as an affiliate, your customers can get this type of an er... more
Error on installation: Could not create directory ../accounts/default1/cache/ (safe mode)
Error on installation step Create account: Could not create directory ../account... more
I deleted the htaccess file
If you deleted the htaccess file, you should only create a new one and copy it t... more
Error about Referral ID at affiliates signup page
If you can not signup affiliates because error appears and notice you about some... more
No captcha image visible when requesting new password for merchant or affiliate
If you forget a password to your merchant or affiliate login into Post Affiliate... more
Your API file may not match your PAP installation
The error "Could not communicate order status change to PAP, Your API file ... more
I copied PAP folder to another domain on same server, but now indicates invalid license.
Please retype your license number to field below message and update license. Li... more
Widgets in Blue Aero theme are shrunk and one over another
Widgets in Blue Aero theme, in the right side bar can be resized. In some cases ... more
Flash banner is not clickable or affiliate URL parameters are lost upon clicking the banner
During banner creation (in any tool for making flash banners) you didn't add the... more
Replicated site gives: Error loading user 'index.html.var'
If you are getting this red error: Error loading user 'index.html.var' instead o... more
Merchant panel is still loading in Chrome and Firefox 4
Merchant panel doesn't work in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 4. It is stillloading ... more
Corrupted layout of merchant login panel
If you have after upgrade to latest version of PAP4 corrupted design of merchant... more
Transferring affiliates data from one domain to another in case of tracking the sale
To track the sales you have to do two steps - click tracking code has to be ins... more
Welcome message is not translated
The welcome message, that appears under the photo of affiliate manager in the af... more
Features are not populated
When in the merchant panel you click the menu item called Features and the featu... more
Some tier commissions are not generated. Why?
Let's say in a campaign we have the general commission settings the following wa... more
Custom settings: custom.php
If you need some custom settings, there is a possibility add them into file_pap_... more
Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect
If you see in your installation error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function ... more
Signup affiliate - Syntax error
If you experience the following error message after having a new member signed u... more
Error when loading merchant panel
If you get a screen like the one bellow (see 'Error screen') it means that some ... more
Please enable following functions in your php.ini: imagettftext
This error warns you about missing PHP extension that is needed to properly run ... more
eAccelerator module installed at server
We know about existing problems when there is eAccelerator module installed at s... more
PayPal charges Shipping on affiliate payments
This probably have been previously set up in PayPal. To change these settings in... more
Blank page under install url
If you saw just blank page on place of Install wizard, there could be more reaso... more
When Suhosin extension is loaded, system temporary directory needs to be available
First create temporary folder with all permissions (777) on your server, It can ... more
Special characters encoding problem
If you use language with special characters and top menu ofmini-site is displaye... more
Error during update (FTP info)
When I am updating the Post Affiliate Pro and I enter FTP info, I get the red er... more
Affiliate signup form does not work
This is the issue when there are all data filled out in your affiliate signup fo... more
Affiliate can not login because of error "select account"
When your affiliate can not login to your affiliate program, and the error says ... more
ERROR: Unknown system variable 'storage_engine'
In most cases means this error, that you have older Mysql version as 4.1 All our... more
Please add support of gd2 extension in your php, otherwise e.g. captcha images will not work!
One of our customer reported, that he see message "Please add support of gd... more
"Your session expired" error during installation
If you get "Your session expired" error in the first screen of install... more
FastCGI Error on Windows IIS Server
Zend Optimizer might cause debug_backtrace() to trigger a 500 Server Error on CG... more
Invalid license
After the installation or upgrade, it may happen that this screen would appear a... more
Uploading files with FrontPage
When using FrontPage for uploading files to your server, you can encounter probl... more
"Could not set include path" error
If you get this error when trying to install: Could not set include path. Pleas... more
Could not validate license. Reason: Curl error: couldn't connect to host
During the installation in the validation of license step, the installation woul... more
Banners does not appear in affiliate panel
Banners does not appear in the affiliate panel in Promotion --> Baners & ... more
papTrack is not defined
If on your website after inserting click integration code is generated javascrip... more
I forgot username or/and password
If you forgot your username to the merchant or affiliate panel, you can retrieve... more
Affiliate panel breaks the layout of Home screen
Affiliate panel breaks the layout of Home screen if the browser window is too na... more
Banners does not appear in affiliate panel in Internet Explorer
Problem is that in banner code there are settings height and width with empty va... more
Unable to connect to database: Access denied for user
This error is bit complex: Unable to connect to database: Access denied for user... more