Can I buy your product via PayPal?

Yes, it is possible through the payment gateways without any problem.
  • For hosted (SaaS) solutions of Post Affiliate Pro / Post Affiliate Network at the signup page you can choose PayPal   in the section of  "Payment Information" (you need to scroll down a bit)
Choose the PayPal option and click on the blue button to enter the PayPal details. When you are done, finish the order by pressing Start now button.



  • For Downloadable (Standalone) licenses we have a payment gateway - SWREG - this one supports also payment by PayPal. You can order normally, and then choose PayPal in the list of payment options at the "Payment information" section.


If you have a valid VAT number, you can use it with PayPal using SWREG as well.

These are steps you have to take to correctly apply VAT:

1. Visits the SWREG shopping cart and select PayPal for the payment
2. When clicked, you are redirected to PayPal where you have to login and agree with the payment
3. When agreed, you are redirected back to SWREG checkout page to submit the final order. This is where you can edit the order details and enter your VAT ID:
4. Once the edit is complete, apply the changes and submit the order. The amount detailed on SWREG page will be the amount charged to your PayPal account


NOTE: We are not able to accept direct PayPal payments, only through payment gateways.