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Generate Ticket from forwarded Email

Jun 03, 2012
Cord wrote
Support request will continue to come into a long used support email address (which is also used for other type of emails). Would be great to forward a support request to special email-account in LA, which then creates a ticket from the forwarded email (but not the received email itself). That makes it easy to manage emails and sort the support requests into LA
Under review
7 Answers
Jun 14, 2012
Cord wrote
Another solution could be to define a sub-folder of the pop-account to read tickets from.
So Emails moved to that sub-folder will be imported by LA.

Workflow would be: An Email to a personal account needs to be moved to the subfolder to be converted into tickets
Jul 02, 2012
Micael Olsson wrote
Cord has a point here, but it'll be hard to implement when using POP3… However, when using IMAP it would be much easier.
Jul 02, 2012
Micael Olsson wrote
It would also be possible if you made LA able to look for a tag (or variable if you'd like).
This is how I mean:

In the forwarded e-mail you can add a line like: "OriginalPoster=xxxx@domain.com" and when LA receives the e-mail it reads this line and uses the e-mailadress stated to create a new ticket.
Jul 04, 2012
Cord wrote
for best usability it should be possible to use also mobile devices to "re-route" an email.
So that leaves forwarding e.g. to a special email account or moving to a subfolder.
typing a line like above would be hard to use
Apr 06, 2013
Francis wrote

Other helpdesks I have used do use tags (e.g. forward:true) in the mail for this function. Works well. Without the urgently needed IMAP functionaility this is the only real option. Hopefully IMAP support will be coming soon.
Apr 30 (7 months ago)
Andrej Harsani agent wrote
IMAP support was added to Live Agent
May 08 (7 months ago)
Karen Love-Brice wrote
I created a work around in Outlook 2010.
Using a MACRO and the "From Other email account" (or Send As), I generate a lot of new tickets through the system. I receive a support request to my private account and I simply use my macro to forward it on. It changes the name of the sender (from me) to the email account from the person I received it from, and it has all of the original information, even strips the FWD: at the subject line.

Not everyone uses Outlook though :)
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