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SSL Checkout Error on Magento Site

Jul 09, 2010
brendan wrote

I have installed PAP on our magento website and I have an issue when going through the checkout process. We are using the PAP extension that is available from the magento extensions forums.

We run a multi-domain shop. All sites hosted on the one server. The server is ours.

I have setup PAP as follows

When a customer clicks through to one of our sites, for example to DomainB.com and proceed to checkout, in IE i get a pop-up box saying
"This webpage contains content that will not be delivered using a secure HTTPS connection"

Looking at the source code for the page, I can see that the PAP code make a https call to domainA.com to get/set the tracking data

It seems this cross domain call is causing the page to break SSL.
Is there some configuation in PAP that I need to change to make the checkout work withour poping up the error message in IE?

note: both domainA.com and domainB.com have their own certs and separate IP's

I have emailed the developer of the pap extension for magento and he seems to thinks its an SSL certificate issue. But im not sure, as prior to this module being installed our site was not having an issue when checking out!

can you please advise on what I can do

1 Answer
Mar 15, 2012
Brano Nemec agent wrote
It's definitely SSL issue. Anyway in latest Post Affiliate Pro 4 version were some changes how to bypass this issue in IE browser. So update and correct SSL certificate should fix that.
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