Can You Recommend a Payment Processor

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May 21, 2014
Enrique wrote
I know pay pal does not accept multitier plans. Can you recommend something similar that accepts multitier plans and that can be integrated with PAP
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May 22, 2014
Martin Sykora agent wrote
Hello Enrique,

you can choose any of the methods mentioned here Also your claim about PayPal is not really correct. There is no problem in integrating your PayPal buttons with Post Affiliate Pro and letting the software create multitier commissions for your affiliates. This has nothing to do with PayPal actually since everything is handled by the Post Affiliate Pro software.
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Oct 09, 2014
Marc Wijnants wrote
Sorry to say Martin, but this is not completely correct.

PAP is awsome in it's muliti tier plan handling, but the problem is that it is dangerous to use when you use paypal. Before you know it your paypal setup in combination with pap gets blocked and/or cancelled.

section 3

Of course it's not PAP fault or qualityunit; it's just dangerous to use multi tier setups with many payment processors; including paypal.

Just to inform; nothing else ;-)

Marc Wijnants

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Oct 10, 2014
Brano Nemec agent wrote
Thank you for that useful update mr. Wijnants

Appreciate your help
Jun 21, 2018
Dan Vantari wrote
The original question from 2014 is still relevant.
Paypal still seems to have a policy of disapproving of multi-level payment systems,
and they are well known for freezing accounts indefinitely without warning !
They are likely to see any sort of forced matrix as a pyramid scheme.
I am surprised that QU is not aware of this problem !

I see the integration methods listed here
but what I would really like to know is which companies are truly recommended and tested to work with multi-level affiliate systems ?
They must not have a legal problem with them, and they must be reliable, and easily integrated with PAP.
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Jun 21, 2018
Jane agent wrote
Hey there ,
You can use any payment processor that support mass payment files. Our customer usually works with PayPal and we haven't heard about any major issues. Feel free to use Skrill for example , PAP can work literally with any payment processor , only condition is allowing Mass payment file.
Thank you
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Jul 10 (11 months ago)
Adrian wrote
have you tried [url=]QuickBooks Cloud[/url]