How to pass a coupon code to checkout in tracking link or cookie

We have a custom built checkout which will use the normal tracking links with postback from the post-purchase Thank You page. Our cart has a promo code field which is currently populated by a cookie. I've created the coupon codes in PAP so they match the promo codes on our site, but I can't find a way to pass the coupon code to the cart either as a variable in the tracking link or by creating a custom cookie or editing the data in PAP's regular cookies. Does anyone know of a way to send the...

NGINX Config, not executing trackjs.php and got 405 error.

Hello. I'm use latest PAN v. and use php-fpm 7.1 & 7.3 with nginx. I attach my nginx config. I have one strange situations. All is fine work IonCubeLoader, php, phpinfo, PAN setup, update, but several files: like ../scripts/trackjs.php - not executing - just downloading and open and also i got red popup mini error 405. In code it is here: Is it because that code not javascript? How to resolve it? Thanks.

Is it possible to list commissions per order instead of separate by order item?

When viewing commissions they are listed by item, not order.. so for example for order 12345 instead of showing a total commission for that order it lists multiple items for that order like 12345(1) 12345(2) 12345(3) and so on.. this makes the approval process very time consuming... Can this be changed?

Commission per loggining in instead of sealing

How to set up affliction link to get commission for loggining in instead of sealing

Can You Recommend a Payment Processor

Hi I know pay pal does not accept multitier plans. Can you recommend something similar that accepts multitier plans and that can be integrated with PAP Thanks

Affiliate using Google Adwords

So I am wondering if my website already has a customer, then one of my affiliates uses Google Adwords and my customer googles my business instead of using the URL and he clicks on my affiliates link I do not want the affiliate getting the credit. Is there a setting or is this already protecting me? Hello Nathaniel, Yes, you can block certain affiliate referring URLs and decline clicks and thus, orders from it. If you have any other questions, please contact our support directly at support@pos...

Can I use affiliate links on Google AdWords?

Can I use affiliate links on Google AdWords? Is this possible? Regards, Akshay Mane Digital Marketing Manager at Yes, it is possible. An affiliate link, with an affiliate and banner parameter is still a valid URL which you can set as a target in Google AdWords.

Google Analytics UTM Tracking with Affiliate Link tracking?

Hello, Has there been any updates on this? ie. Is there the ability to use both UTM (for Google Analytic) tracking parameters AND the ?a_aid=000002 ? Would something like this work? [I] [/I] Would help a lot in tracking campaign sources... the link you provided would not work , since '?' can be only once in a link. But if you replace the second '?' for '&' then it will work... S...

Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) 2.0

I am worry about the pixel tracking if 3rd party cookies are not allowed in Safari anymore. Would there be any solution for this?

Is there a way to create special Affiliate Signups?, Certain affiliates login forms auto approve for certain campaigns?

Is there a way to create special Affiliate Signups?, Certain affiliates login forms auto approve for certain campaigns? For example Affiliate Signup form 1 - Auto approve for campaign A,B Affiliate Signup form 2 - Auto approve for campaign A,B,C,D Thanks! Hello Brandon. There is a plugin in our software called "Signup affiliate automatically to campaign". This plugin automatically signs up affiliate to private campaigns( ) after the...

Landing page on a domain - Sales on another domain

Hi Is it possible to have a landing page with tracking code on and track sales on ? Is it possible to pass cookie to ? Thank you By default, it should work without a problem because you have "click tracking" code on "" and the "sale tracking" code "" and both these tracking codes will generate the cookie for the same Post Affiliate Pro domain, to which are these tracking codes pointed to. Many integration methods (...

Customers compaining for "Empty response received from server"

Hello Guys,We are using your post affiliate pro for our customers,They are continuously complaining about "Empty response received from server" on chrome browser, the rest are working fine,when our development team had researched that if "AdBlock" plugin is active on chrome it shows this message and customers are not allowed to login or register,I had added link of image showing that issue, i had also pointed on that pluing , if i disable the plugin everything is working fine,Can you please let ...

facebook banners not visible

added facebook connect. add PAPAPI.class.php to the main header.php file on site. affiliates not able to post actual banner image from FB link in the affiliate profile. how do we fix this? -J

How to notify my affiliate when recurring transaction occur

For sales motivational purpose, I would like to be able to setup notification email each time recurring transaction hits. So pretty much every time ne transaction is created, I would like my affiliate to receive notification for that. Is that possible and how?

Email monthly/weekly/daily summary report per affiliate for the merchant?

Is there a way to setup emails for monthly/weekly/daily summaries on an affiliate-by-affiliate basis as a merchant? Am looking specifically for daily sales, clicks, conversion, etc ideally as a trend chart. Hi Chuck. You can enable monthly/weekly/daily email reports for merchant in Configuration> Email Notifications. To edit the email templates, navigate to Configuration> Email templates. The date is formed into a table.

How is landing page in iframe detected?

There is a feature to stop tracking clicks when landing page is in iframe. What method is used to detect the iframe?

Cannot get upgrade past the System Requirements check - license check

License checking authority is NOT accesible Please check it you are able to connect from this server. I keep getting this error. I have enabled cURL. I know I need to somehow connect our server to, but I don't know how to do that. And GoDaddy had no ideas either. Can anyone please assist?

Sub Affiliate Notification Emails

My business is set up in sub affiliate tiers. The affiliates are receiving the New Sub Affiliate Sign Up Notifications and thinking (rightfully so) that those subaffiliates are directly under them and not on a lower tier. Lower tiers= lower commission levels. Is there a way to send Sub Affiliate Sign Up Notifications to the affiliate for ONLY the first level sub affiliate? I am sorry, but this is not possible. Only direct parent affiliate gets a notification email about new sub-affiliate ...

URL Masking for replicated sites?

Is there any sort of a plugin or another way to set up the replicated site links to have their URL's masked to something different? I have seen the specified instructions for changing the .htaccess file code, to have the site replicated to an actual domain that is different from the default domain. However, this is not compatible with bigcommerce which does not allow access to the .htaccess code. Their support team suggested placing code in the .htaccess/content/ folder, but there isn't a guaran...

Is it possible to have a higher commission for the first sale of each customer?

What I'd like to do is to set the commission rate for the first sale of each customer to 15%, then any subsequent sales at 5%. That way it rewards affiliates that bring in new customers. There was a similar question that was posted a couple of years ago, however things may have changed since then. Thank you! This is possible to achieve with our Lifetime referrals plugin: Basically if the sale is made by a new customer, Post Affiliate P...