Email monthly/weekly/daily summary report per affiliate for the merchant?

Is there a way to setup emails for monthly/weekly/daily summaries on an affiliate-by-affiliate basis as a merchant? Am looking specifically for daily sales, clicks, conversion, etc ideally as a trend chart. Hi Chuck. You can enable monthly/weekly/daily email reports for merchant in Configuration> Email Notifications. To edit the email templates, navigate to Configuration> Email templates. The date is formed into a table.

How to notify my affiliate when recurring transaction occur

For sales motivational purpose, I would like to be able to setup notification email each time recurring transaction hits. So pretty much every time ne transaction is created, I would like my affiliate to receive notification for that. Is that possible and how? yes it is possible. You can enable such notification in your merchant panel > Configuration > Email Notifications > Affiliate notifications > Tracking notifications section > On sale / lead Here you can find more info: http...

How is landing page in iframe detected?

There is a feature to stop tracking clicks when landing page is in iframe. What method is used to detect the iframe?

Cannot get upgrade past the System Requirements check - license check

License checking authority is NOT accesible Please check it you are able to connect from this server. I keep getting this error. I have enabled cURL. I know I need to somehow connect our server to, but I don't know how to do that. And GoDaddy had no ideas either. Can anyone please assist?

Sub Affiliate Notification Emails

My business is set up in sub affiliate tiers. The affiliates are receiving the New Sub Affiliate Sign Up Notifications and thinking (rightfully so) that those subaffiliates are directly under them and not on a lower tier. Lower tiers= lower commission levels. Is there a way to send Sub Affiliate Sign Up Notifications to the affiliate for ONLY the first level sub affiliate? I am sorry, but this is not possible. Only direct parent affiliate gets a notification email about new sub-affiliate ...

Replicated Sites on BigCommerce URGENT

How do I accomplish this? BigCommerce does not allow htaccess. I need the affiliate first name, last name and photo. Please help! Hello Jacqueline, when you are using BigCommerce, I can recommend to use plugin -> Affiliate-info-in-external-page instead of teh Site replication. If you would like to display the affiliate name and photo on the website, this solution is designed for users of the SaaS shopping cart providers such as BigCommerce or Shopify.

URL Masking for replicated sites?

Is there any sort of a plugin or another way to set up the replicated site links to have their URL's masked to something different? I have seen the specified instructions for changing the .htaccess file code, to have the site replicated to an actual domain that is different from the default domain. However, this is not compatible with bigcommerce which does not allow access to the .htaccess code. Their support team suggested placing code in the .htaccess/content/ folder, but there isn't a guar...

Shopware Integration - Tracking do not work

I have upload Shopware Plugin, but Tracking do not work. Problem: /scripts/trackjs.js not found 404 What must i fill in this fields?: - Installation URL - Account ID
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Is it possible to have a higher commission for the first sale of each customer?

What I'd like to do is to set the commission rate for the first sale of each customer to 15%, then any subsequent sales at 5%. That way it rewards affiliates that bring in new customers. There was a similar question that was posted a couple of years ago, however things may have changed since then. Thank you! This is possible to achieve with our Lifetime referrals plugin: Basically if the sale is made by a new customer, Post Affiliate P...

Problem track click

Hi, hi, I have inserted the code " ClicksTracking" but the click they do not come counted <script type="text/javascript"><!-- document.write(unescape("%3Cscript id='pap_x2s6df8d' src='" + (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://" : "http://") + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));//--> </script> <script type="text/javascript"><!-- try { PostAffTracker.track(); } catch (err) { }...

Google Analytics UTM Tracking with Affiliate Link tracking?

Hello, Has there been any updates on this? ie. Is there the ability to use both UTM (for Google Analytic) tracking parameters AND the ?a_aid=000002 ? Would something like this work? [I] [/I] Would help a lot in tracking campaign sources... the link you provided would not work , since '?' can be only once in a link. But if you replace the second '?' for '&' then it will work... S...

Bonus Commission based on total commission of group

Hello, I have a question about how I would be able to set up the following: Say that there were a number of affiliates who one day came up to me and said that they would like to work together. One of them will be a leader, who will help them generate sales (all commission for our systems are based on sales). At the end of the month, each affiliate is receiving commission based on what they have generated. However, the leader is also going to receive a bonus commission, a 10% commission based off...
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Can you explain that : Declined site URL

I need to track ID for 2 products and I don't understand that : "Declined site URL" in Configuration URL/Tracking. "Enter URL of website...links of declined affiliates and stopped/paused campaigns" ???? Which link do I put ? thanks You can put there the same URL that you use in field Main site URL. The URL that you set in field Declined site URL is used for clicks on links of declined affiliates and stopped/paused campaigns. Or you can put there any other URL you wish to have displayed for...

How to pay part of comissions to affiliates

Hello, The question is: How to pay only a part of comission to affiliate? Depends on payment method there are fractions for example of 5$. This means what i can pay 5$, 10$, 15$, etc... Example: Affiliate have 6.73$ in his balance. How to mark paid only 5$? I think you should be able to do it in Post Affiliate Pro without problems. You can setup fixed commissions in your affiliate program.You can segment your affiliates e.g. by performance groups or sold products you can segment into multiple...

Postback / Callback Conversion Tracking

Hi guys, I am interested in Post Affiliate Pro - but can't find an option I need: I can see the conversion tracking is made either by JS code or by an Image pixel, both on a thank you page. What I want, is to track conversions by a Server-to-Server postback/callback, to a url you provide. Please note: I don't mean to fire a postback call back FROM after it has already registered a conversion but TO for it to be the conversion indication instead of the Im...

Each merchant can be partner manager? Is it normal?

At first I thought that only network owner can be the partner manager. I set one of the merchant accounts to standard account. And after that this merchant is the partner manager and not network owner anymore. And now the problem is that I can't turn back the network owner to partner manager. What sense make this? Well the affiliate manager information is loaded from the default merchant account. So if you want to change the affiliate information in the default merchant account, then you will ne...

SubId tracking, Extra data fields and SubId report

The affiliate, Advanced Tools/SubId tracking link, says that you can use the channel, extra data1 and extra data2 fields to do SubId tracking. The support topic at this url( is the only one I can find referencing SubId tracking and references the Channel Stats report (which by the way, i cannot locate in the Merchant panel). But the Channel Stats report does not allow you to report on the extra data1 or extra data 2 fields. I ...

htaccess file in root directory of your Post Affiliate Pro installation is not working properly.

I am integrating PAP in wordpress and I am following steps as per below link. Link :- I am getting this error while installation of PAP. Can you please help me solve this issue ? Did your server match all our requirements -> It looks like your server do not have enabled or correctly set up mod_rewrite to be able to execute rewrite rules Yes, I have checked that mo...

SMTP error 530

authentication failure [SMTP: Invalid response code received from server (code: 530, response: Must issue a STARTTLS command first)] Amazon SMTP server, see prints creen I use the same configuration in joomla on same server without problem Hello Vladimir, Can you contact Amazon support to obtain information about authorization method ? Is possible that Joomla default method is matching with Amazon default method and because of that is working properly. I am sure that you can set this up with P...

Multiple Merchant Account (Default View) in Commission

excuse me for my English. I would like to be able to create merchant accounts having a default view limited in the transactions. Can you give me the way to modify the default view in merchant panel ? is this possible? Thank's a lot. decad7 Default view for merchant panel grids is loaded only from source codes, it is not possible to configure it. In database is possible to change views only for existing merchants. In database are saved view columns and chosen view for certain grid. Hi, I...