Is it possible to have a higher commission for the first sale of each customer?

Aug 22, 2016
Vincent wrote
What I'd like to do is to set the commission rate for the first sale of each customer to 15%, then any subsequent sales at 5%. That way it rewards affiliates that bring in new customers.

There was a similar question that was posted a couple of years ago, however things may have changed since then.

Thank you!
1 Answer
Aug 22, 2016
Martin Slastan agent wrote
This is possible to achieve with our Lifetime referrals plugin:
Basically if the sale is made by a new customer, Post Affiliate Pro tracks the commission normally and uses commission rate defined in your campaign(in this case that will be 15%).
If the sale is made by a returning customer this plugin will recognize that this customer was already tracked in the past and it will set a custom commission rate in such case. This custom commission rate for returning customers is defined directly in the Lifetime referrals plugin settings(in this specific case field "Custom commission" will be set to "%5").