How to activate/purchase any PAP feature or plugin?

In this article you can see, how you can enable/purchase some feature or plugin in Post Affiliate Pro or Post Affiliate Network. Please note that some features are not available by default in all plans. For example in Xpress or Professional you can purchase these features individually, or  upgrade to Ultimate edition to get more or all of the features listed.

Here you can check the detailed comparison of the plans, where are/are not the features available by default (comparison is listed under standalone packages, but it applies the same way also on hosted plans).

So some features have to be activated or even purchased before they can be used. You can see the list of your features and activate/deactivate them in your merchant panel, when you navigate into Configuration -> Features.

You'll see an option to buy the feature first. When you buy the feature, you have to update your license (system will just ask you to refresh your merchant panel), otherwise the bought features will be not available. License is updated, if you go to the section "About" in the merchant panel. After this restart your application, go to the Features and click on Activate button.

Note: Depends on the specific feature, there are added some advanced options in the interface/merchant panel. For example the features regarding some special commissions settings, will add separate section into the commissions settings, more exactly on Campaign manager > Edit campaign > Commissions settings > Edit (there can be advanced options when you scroll tab a bit down). If there is some other place unlocked, it should be mentioned in the feature description. 

The same rule apply regarding the Plugins.  All plugins from this section (Configuration > Plugins) are available for free, you can use them right after you activate them.

However please read the description of every plugin, before you actually activate it, because some plugins can collide with each other, when you activate them without a logical reason. That can cause incorrect tracking, so please be sure, which plugin you exactly enable or disable in the plugins section. Our support staff will be always ready to clarify the workarounds regarding the features and plugins, so feel free to ask the specifics anytime.