NGINX Config, not executing trackjs.php and got 405 error.

Sep 22 (8 months ago)
Alexander Minzak wrote

I'm use latest PAN v. and use php-fpm 7.1 & 7.3 with nginx.
I attach my nginx config.

I have one strange situations.
All is fine work IonCubeLoader, php, phpinfo, PAN setup, update, but several files:
like ../scripts/trackjs.php - not executing - just downloading and open and also i got red popup mini error 405.

In code it is here:

Is it because that code not javascript?

How to resolve it?
3 Answers
Sep 22 (8 months ago)
Martin Pullmann agent wrote
Hi Alexander. When I try to run it it works for me:
If it does not work when relative path is used, maybe it is a matter of setting of your server.

Please send us an email instead of posting to forum as you might expose some private data.
Sep 23 (8 months ago)
Alexander Minzak wrote
I have tickets, but no answered yet ( but murk as resolved!!!

Currently work because it is old server with APACHE, but on NGINX not work. I wrote about it in ticket.
when add new ip in host file - to see how it work.
I can't piont to long DNS record to broken not worked new PAN.
Sep 23 (8 months ago)
Alexander Minzak wrote
At last i made worked config!)