General Questions

Hosted (SaaS) Post Affiliate Pro and LiveAgent database backup

If you have a hosted license of our software (Post Affiliate Pro or LiveAgent), you don't have an access to the database and sourcefiles of the software. In case you want to backup your database and all data, we have to make it for you. This backup includes all your data and settings from Post Affiliate Pro and/or LiveAgent. The price of backup is $160. Click here to place the order now. ( After purchase of backup service send ...

How to disable directory browsing in apache configuration?

One of the “must do’s” on setting a secure apache web server is to disable directory browsing. Usually apache comes with this feature enabled but its always a good idea to get it disabled unless you really need it. First of all find where is the main apache’s config filehttpd.confis located. Usually it will be located in path like this:/etc/apache/httpd.conf. To edit this file you will need root access to your server. Using some file editor like Vim or Nano open this file and find the line that ...

Where is Quality Unit located?

Company Name: Quality Unit, s.r.o. (Company formed on 1st August 2004) Feel free to check company history ( We are development company located in Slovakia (European Union) All products offered by Quality Unit are developed and supported by our support team and developers located in Slovakia. Time Zone: GMT+1 Post address:Quality Unit, s.r.o.Tomanova 80/C83107 BratislavaSlovak Republic Web: (

What does "-q" mean in cron job command?

The -q flag suppresses HTTP header output. As long as your script does not send anything to stdout the -q will prevent cron from sending you an email every time the script runs. For example, print and echo commands do send data to stdout. Avoid using those functions if you want to prevent cron from sending you an email on each execution of the cron command.

How to find the location of php.ini on our server ?

Location of php.ini you can find in your phpinfo report. 1. Try to create simple php file called info.php with content: <?php phpinfo(); ?> 2. Copy this file to your web server. 3. Than open this php file with your browser. Inside report you will see path to php.ini in row called Configuration File (php.ini) Path.

Where can I install your programs?

Since our software solutions are web applications, they require to be installed on aserver ( is connected to the world wide web via the internet and meets certainrequirements ( There are a lot of companies on the market providing server hosting solutions. Such sever environment can be set up even on your computer by installing some software such asxampp (

What is IPN?

Instant Payment Notification (IPN) allows you to automate certain aspects of your business by posting transaction details to your server whenever you receive payment or whenever a status changeoccurs on a transaction. When used with a credit card or Express Checkout transactions, IPN is not useful to get the status of a payment, but only to get asynchronous notification such as an eCheckclearing or a chargeback. When a customer pays you, payment gateway posts a notification to your server at a ...

How to change permissions / attributes / CHMOD for files

For changing permissions/attributes of files/directories you don't need to open them. How did you upload files to server? Through any FTP manager? Now youonly need to go to installation directory of affiliate software and mark these files and directories for which you want to change permissions. Next steps depends on FTP manager you are using: In Total Commander you have to go to menu (F10) > Change attributes In FlashFXP you have to right click on files and from rolout menu choose "attribut...

How To Enable Session Support for PHP?

The session support can be turned on automatically at the site level, or manually in each PHP page script: Turning on session support automatically at the site level we have to modify some setting in php.ini file. you can get php.ini file in folder you install PHP. To your sessions you have to set or reset following parameter in your php.ini file Define path to save sessions session.save_path = "C:\php\sessiondata\" Directory related to server session should be under 777 chmod > fully writabl...