How to pass a coupon code to checkout in tracking link or cookie

Oct 17 (28 days ago)
Steve Carbary wrote
We have a custom built checkout which will use the normal tracking links with postback from the post-purchase Thank You page. Our cart has a promo code field which is currently populated by a cookie. I've created the coupon codes in PAP so they match the promo codes on our site, but I can't find a way to pass the coupon code to the cart either as a variable in the tracking link or by creating a custom cookie or editing the data in PAP's regular cookies. <br /> <br /> Does anyone know of a way to send the coupon code data to the site? It seems crazy that a customer who clicks a referral link, still also has to manually enter the promo code to get the affiliate discount.
1 Answer
Oct 18 (28 days ago)
Martin Slastan agent wrote
Hello Steve.<br /> <br /> Your custom build cart can see if the URL contains an affiliate parameter or not. If it does, it can fill the promo code field for the user automatically.<br /> Alternatively your cart could offer an option to send the promo code as it's own URL parameter. For example like this: &amp;promo_code=1234 and when the visitor lands on your website with such parameter in his link your cart saves the field value in a cookie which will then populate the promo code field during the checkout automatically.<br /> <br /> All this is cart functionality. It's not really related to our tracking software and it's tracking in any way.