can't add {widget id="numberOfAllSubaffiliates"} in "signup_subaffiliates.tpl"

Jan 23 (4 months ago)
Sean Zhang wrote
We have a multi-tier affiliate,
In Affiliate Panel Theme - "signup_subaffiliates.tpl" it shows only direct sub-signup number with {widget id="numberOfSubaffiliates"} .

I want to show more details, I tried:
Number of All your sub-Affiliates: {widget id="numberOfAllSubaffiliates"}
But the widget doesn't work, it seems {widget id="numberOfAllSubaffiliates"} can only work in "sub_aff_tree.tpl"
Is there any way I can add all sub-affiliates here?
Because I don't want to include sub_aff_tree.tpl in Affiliate panel, Only want to give a brief idea of sub-affiliate info.
1 Answer
Jan 23 (4 months ago)
Martin Pullmann agent wrote
Widgets are designed to only work in templates it were created for. It really is not possible to take a widget from file A and place it to file B and expect it to be working.