SubId tracking, Extra data fields and SubId report

Jan 30, 2013
Bob Smitley wrote
The affiliate, Advanced Tools/SubId tracking link, says that you can use the channel, extra data1 and extra data2 fields to do SubId tracking.<br /> <br /> The support topic at this url( is the only one I can find referencing SubId tracking and references the Channel Stats report (which by the way, i cannot locate in the Merchant panel).<br /> <br /> But the Channel Stats report does not allow you to report on the extra data1 or extra data 2 fields.<br /> <br /> I need this functionality for my affiliate reporting.<br /> <br /> If the Channel Stats report is not the proper place to report on SubId tarcking, where is it?<br />
3 Answers
Jan 30, 2013
Martin Vlk agent wrote
I'm not exactly sure what do you mean, but I'll give it a shot.<br /> <br /> If you mean that there is no separate subid adding option in the banners section, then you are correct. The extra data fields are added manually into the link. You can either do it yourself when defining the banner, by just adding &amp;data1=variable1&amp;data2=variable2 or have your affiliates add the parameters into the links manually when posting them<br /> <br /> If this is not what you had in mind, feel free to contact us via chat or email or this post to specify.
Oct 27, 2015
Cavan wrote
It appears he is asking where an affiliate would be able to see the values of data1 and data2 in the affiliate panel. The channel stats report does not show the values for data1 or data2 and I can not find those fields reported in any other location either. Where would our affiliates be able to see these data?
Oct 27, 2015
Martin Slastan agent wrote
Displaying of click extra data1 and data2 is disabled by default. Affiliates can enable it in their affiliate panels-&gt;reports-&gt;raw clicks. They have to click on &quot;edit view&quot; and enable displaying data1 and data2 columns in the raw click report. Please see the attached screenshot.