URL Masking for replicated sites?

Jan 07, 2014
Jessica H. Hernandez wrote
Is there any sort of a plugin or another way to set up the replicated site links to have their URL's masked to something different?

I have seen the specified instructions for changing the .htaccess file code, to have the site replicated to an actual domain that is different from the default domain. However, this is not compatible with bigcommerce which does not allow access to the .htaccess code. Their support team suggested placing code in the .htaccess/content/ folder, but there isn't a guarantee that it will work.

And so I am wondering if, instead of changing the entire domain name, with the .htacces, code etc. Is there a way to simply run the URL's through a forwarding with masking plugin/service, so that the original default url: www.mystore/postaffiliatepro/mystore/affiliateID is masked as a very simply url such as www.mystore/affiliateID, but forwarded to www.mystore/postaffiliatepro/mystore/affiliateID.

This would allow then specific custom masking URL's without having to change the coding or any location of any other informaiton.
4 Answers
Jan 07, 2014
Ladislav Acs agent wrote
What can be done is that the General Affiliate Link will be this way:


That is the most that can be done without a .htaccess file.

Jan 07, 2014
Jessica H. Hernandez wrote
Loving the PAP support! :)
Oct 23, 2016
Jacqueline Bonilla wrote
I can't get the replicated sites to work on BigCommerce at all.
Oct 23, 2016
Andrej Saxon agent wrote
Hello Jacqueline, when you are using BigCommerce, I can recommend to use plugin available in Merchant panel > Plugins > Affiliate info in external page instead of the Site replication. This solution is designed for users of the SaaS shopping cart providers such as BigCommerce or Shopify. Plugin specification you can find here: https://support.qualityunit.com/903509-Affiliate-info-in-external-page

For additional information feel free to contact our support via Live Chat or email.