Different commission system?

Jan 03 (5 months ago)
Sean Zhang wrote
we want to create a customize commission. for example, if the customer purchased with our promotion discount, then Tier 1 gets 3%, Tier 2 gets 2%; if the customer purchased with the original price, then T1 gets 5%, T2 gets 3%. I'm thinking to create two campaigns for these two seniors, but what code or API should I use for the checkout cart to send the sales result to the designated campaign.
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Jan 04 (5 months ago)
Martin Slastan agent wrote
If you are using our general sale tracking script for your cart: https://support.qualityunit.com/492724-General-sales--leads-tracking then all you need to do is set the campaign ID parameter to tell our script under which campaign should the sale be saved. The actual commission will be then generated based on the commission rates defined in that specific campaign.

To set the campaign parameter in our sale tracking code please use code:
sale.setCampaignID('put your campaign ID here');