More than 1 item when making sale manually?

Aug 28, 2010
eric wrote

I haven't purchased the software yet for pap4.
While messing around with the demo, I was thinking what if a person calls on the phone and places an order.

When I tried to manually enter an order, it only allowed 1 campaign or 1 item.

Is there some sort of way to allow a person ordering more than 1 item to manually make the sale in the back office? Or should I just have a wholesale, sale page and use our shopping card to do the sale?

Not sure how I'll have to set this up?

Thanks in advance...
1 Answer
Mar 15, 2012
Viktor Zeman wrote
There are more options how to do it: 1. report each transaction manually in Post Affiliate Pro for each orderred item 2. implement Post Affiliate Pro API into your shop - in manual order you can enter e.g. affiliate ID and with API create all transactions for every ordered item from manual order with API on background ... Post Affiliate Pro API is flexible and easy to implement into any third party PHP application