How to get {$bannerid}

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Jul 01 (33 days ago)
Alexis wrote
Hello everyone,

how to get the banner identifier and change the theme on the following file: banner_widget_code.tpl?
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Jul 01 (33 days ago)
Jan agent wrote
Hello Alexis,

You can find the banner ID in Banners > Banners Manager and to change the theme in which banner_widget_code.tpl is please navigate to Configuration > Design > Affiliate Panel Theme
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Jul 01 (33 days ago)
Alexis wrote
Thank you for you'r answer Jan !

but unfortunately that does not answer my question.
I would like to display the banner id directly on the affiliated panel.

For example in affiliate Panel in the banner section:

{widget id = "bannerTypeLabel"}: ---------- {$bannerid} ------------

Banner name:
{widget id = "bannerNameLabel" class = "Inline"}

{widget id = "bannerTargetUrlLabel" class = "Inline"}


{widget id = "campaignIcon"}
{widget id = "campaignNameLabel" class = "Inline LeftMove"}

{widget id = "campaignDetailsLabel" class = "Inline LeftMove"}

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Jul 01 (33 days ago)
Sebastián Slušník agent wrote
I am sorry, but it is not possible to display the BannerID there as the {$bannerid} variable or the {widget id="bannerid"} widget is not available in the Banners section of the Affiliate panel.