Bonus Commission based on total commission of group

May 04, 2016
G-Su Park wrote

I have a question about how I would be able to set up the following:

Say that there were a number of affiliates who one day came up to me and said that they would like to work together. One of them will be a leader, who will help them generate sales (all commission for our systems are based on sales).

At the end of the month, each affiliate is receiving commission based on what they have generated. However, the leader is also going to receive a bonus commission, a 10% commission based off of the total amount of commission that was generated by the entire group. This is because they have the responsibility of helping everyone generate commissions while generating their own as well.

What can I do to set this up? I especially want the leader to be able to log into their affiliate panel and see how everyone within the group is doing, and get a calculated estimate of how much bonus commission they will receive