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Frequently asked questions

Postback, Callback, Piggyback, S2S, 3rd party tracking
The aim of this article is to help us and our customers identify which kind of 3... more
How to add 'Average commissions per click' and 'Conversion ratio' values to affiliate panel campaigns grid
You can display Average commissions per clickand Conversion ratio values to your... more
How to add the Click tracking code into a WordPress page?
There are 2 ways to go: 1) Inside WP Admin navigate to Appearance > Editor an... more
How to correctly setup EU VAT invoices
Post Affiliate Pro has a special setting to support VAT. You can activate it in ... more
Installation vs. Integration
Since some people used to mistakeIntegration for Installation therefore this art... more
How can the affiliates order the campaigns by date in descending order?
If an affiliate wishes to order the campaign by date so the list starts from the... more
How to assign an affiliate into multiple commission groups easily
This is possible by editing an affiliate in Affiliate Manager and setting a desi... more
Referrer URL is empty
This is actually not an issue. There might be several reasons why the referer UR... more
How to add News content to the old themes?
The news content can be added to any other theme as well. You need to add {widge... more
How to modify the Traffic Overview in the Home screen of the affiliate panel?
You will need to edit the template called period_stats.stplthat you can find at ... more
Can I use JavaScript code in template files of Post Affiliate Pro?
You can use a JavaScript code only in the .stpltemplate files of Post Affiliate ... more
Can I use "if" statements in the email templates of Post Affiliate Pro?
There was a question like this: Is there a way to write an _if then_ statement r... more
How to change the default size of campaign's Long Description window?
The default size of campaign's Long Description window that shows in the affilia... more
What is the Referrer in the list of Commissions?
As you may have noticed, there is a possibility to show additional columns at _T... more
Why is PAPVisitorId cookie not overwritten using the "Overwrite cookie" option?
The Overwrite cookieoption overwrites only the affiliate info stored inPAPVisito... more
How to disable tracking of impressions?
If you do not wish totrack impressions (http://support.qualityunit.com/348106-Im... more
Why do I see different click commissions in the commission list?
Click commissions in the Commission list for the same day, same IP, same affilia... more
How to set up cron job on a Windows server?
Windows server uses "Task Scheduler" that provides the ability to sche... more
What is the Cron job for?
If you want to be able to run periodic tasks, such as sending daily, weekly or m... more
Why do I see 'Banner deleted' message in a transaction?
The "Banner deleted" message may occur in a transaction in the followi... more
SSL certificates - how to use secure connection?
To use a secure connection ( https:// ) you need anSSL certificate. In most case... more
How to assign non-referred affiliates to a specific affiliate
If you wish the non-referred affiliates to be assigned to a specific (default) a... more
How to set up amazon simple email service (amazon SMTP) in Post Affiliate Pro?
If you want to use SMTP e-mail configuration and you wonder how to set it up usi... more
How to use different logo in the mini-site and affiliate login page?
The logo that you may upload in the merchant panel at Configuration > Design ... more
What is ;T;N or ;T;T for in the language file?
By default all of the rows in the language file end with: ;N;N The first letter... more
Can I translate Post Affiliate Pro for Quality Unit
Yes you can and you are very welcome!We offer Post Affiliate Pro Professional (o... more
How to create nofollow links
Some merchants wish to createnofollow links (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nofoll... more
What is the {$extra_data1} and {$extra_data2} for in a banner's Destination URL ?
The{$extra_data1} and {$extra_data2} can be used to forward some value to the me... more
Is it possible to prohibit commission if affiliate is the purchaser?
Some merchants want to prevent the affiliate to earn commission if the affiliate... more
Is it possible to track if somebody watched a video
Yes, it is. Online video players usually allow you to hook to various events usi... more
How to disable the creation of flash cookie?
Sometimes some websites do not allow the creation of flash cookies so you need t... more
How to define country-specific commissions?
Post Affiliate Pro provides you the ability to provide country-specific commissi... more
How to assign visits of a web page to a particular affiliate and campaign?
You can use the following type of click tracking code in the particular webpage:... more
How to connect the mobile application to my Post Affiliate Pro
If you have a mobile phone with the Internet connection, you might like ourmobil... more
How to setup Cron job at GoDaddy
STEP 1 Login to your GoDaddy. Navigate to Hosting and then to Manage account. ... more
How to payout affiliates
Lot of our customers are unsure if they are paying their affiliates out correctl... more
Why I can not see the password field at the signup form
There is no password field for the signup form, users can not set their password... more
How to change title of the Mini-Site
If you want to change the title of the mini-site, it means this: You will nee... more
What is difference between Leased and owned license ?
Leasedversion of license is valid just one year and if you want to continueusing... more
Is it possible to recover the deleted affiliates?
Before deleting any data in Post Affiliate Pro, you are asked if you really want... more
I want to have affiliate panel in more languages. Is it possible?
Yes, it is possible. Import all languages which you need (Merchant panel: Config... more
How can I use mini-site in multiple languages?
If you want to view mini-site in other language than default, you have to add th... more
How to create Custom Page/URL Page
You will need to log into your merchant panel, click configuration > affiliat... more
How to setup multitier commissions (MLM structure)
If you want to offer a multi-level marketing (tier (http://support.qualityunit.c... more
Which integration method for PayPal should I use?
On the pagehttp://addons.qualityunit.com/integration-methods (http://addons.qual... more
How does the tracking work?
1. You set up somecampaigns (http://www.postaffiliatepro.com/introduction-videos... more
It seems so, that your cron is not running. Please setup your cron properly
This message is considered as an error message by many users. However, this is j... more
How to purchase Full integration?
If you want to purchase a Full integration service within the purchase or you de... more
Where do I find the campaign IDs ?
Navigate in your merchant panel to Campaigns > Campaigns manager and click th... more
How to add affiliates from other affiliate softwares to Post Affiliate Pro
There are 4 ways how to do it: 1. they can sign up at your new signup page (it ... more
How does the timezone/timestamps of sale notifications work?
This picture shows exactly what time stamps will receive merchant and affiliate ... more
Is it possible to manually create a recurring commission?
Yes, this scenario is possible the following way: 1) set up a cron job -> mor... more
How to set/modify parent affiliate
If you need to modify parent affiliate or you want to manually add new affiliate... more
When the email Invoice and On payout is sent
In the email templates there you can find the template of email called Affiliate... more
How can I change date format?
Go to merchant panel -> configuration-> languages -> edit your language... more
Where can I find my license ID?
Login to our members area at http://members.qualityunit.com/customer/ and each p... more
Paused campaign
If a campaign is in 'paused' status, then it is still visible to the affiliates,... more
Why the quick report is different to daily report when filtering data?
The default time zone for Post Affiliate Pro is Los Angels. In the quick report... more
How to automatically approve commissions after user defined period?
Scenario: I'm a merchant that sales goods and I offer 30 - days money back guara... more
How to force choosing commission by product ID
This feature was added in version - it was possible before to choose cam... more
What is SEO string for (when creating or editing a text link banner)?
When you create or edit a text link banner, since the Post Affiliate Pro 4 versi... more
Is it possible to track clicks/sales if my website (PAP installation) is on another domain than shop?
it's no problem if installation of PostAffiliate Pro is on another domain then s... more
How to set Campaign/ProductID for a single PayPal button
If you want to pick the correct campaign for each PayPal button then simply add ... more
What are the codes for !PAYOUTOPTIONID
The !PAYOUTOPTIONID must be: paypal -> 8444af30 check -> 8667d045 moneyb... more
How can i send an email to a specific group of affiliates
If you want to send a mass email to a specific group of affiliates you will need... more
Canceling recurring commissions
If you want to cancel recurring commission you have to delete it from Transactio... more
Do I need more licenses if I want to track more domains?
You need more licenses only in case youwant to install application to more domai... more
How can an affiliate get direct sub-affiliate
Post Affiliate Pro supports multiple tiers of affiliates which means that each a... more
How to setup default language for list of countries
To setup default country in country listyou have to modify it in merchant panel ... more
How to display Terms and Conditions in different languages
In your Merchantpanel navigate to Start -> Configuration -> Languages &... more
How to delete cookies
As you already know, after clicking on affiliate link, the cookies are created (... more
How to change the URL of the subaffiliate signup link?
When an affiliate clicks in the home page of the affiliate panel the 'Signup Sub... more
How to configure Gmail SMTP settings
If you want to use SMTP e-mail configuration and you wonder how to set it up wit... more
What is Referral ID and how to use it
The Referral ID is very important feature.Each affiliate has his/her _unique ID_... more
How to buy and activate bought feature
1.Click on Features in Merchant panel. 2.1 Click on Buy Feature 2.2 Click Buy s... more
Is it possible to create multiple merchants in Post Affiliate Pro 4 ?
Yes, it is possible. 1. You will need to activate featureMultiple merchants (htt... more
How many domains can I use PAP on at one time?
Important is to mention, that PAP can track sales/clicks/leads on multiple domai... more
Why the 'Parent affiliate' field does not show up when editing an affiliate?
The only reason why there is no "Parent affiliate" field, when you are... more
Why I can sometimes see "Parent affiliate" in signup page and sometimes not
This is not a bug. It is caused by cookies. Let me explain it to you. What is... more
Is it possible to track channel(subid), data1 and data2 with replicated sites?
Unfortunately it is not possible, since there is no way, how to carry the URL pa... more
Is it possible to make any customization? Is source code encoded?
No, it is not possible to make any customization, since the source code from ver... more
How to make my banner to open the new window (target attribute)?
You only need to add some code to the banners link. Banner format you can edit i... more
Is there any difference between sale and lead tracking?
For sales and leads you can use the same code - sale tracking code.The differenc... more
How can I use my older translation after updating?
If you update the Post Affiliate Pro, your older translations won´t be lost. In ... more
Is possible to register click only in case user stays on page more than 30 seconds ?
Yes, It is possible to customize clicktracking code so, that the click will be r... more
How to choose server where we will install PAP4 ?
Often customers ask us how fast server do they need, how much memory do they nee... more
Why does the DirectLink tracking not work?
First of all, it is essential to understand how the DirectLink URLs work. _Examp... more
Why is Post Affiliate Pro demo not in English language?
Post Affiliate Pro demo (http://www.demo.qualityunit.com/pax4/merchants/login.ph... more
What is the difference between unique and raw clicks?
Unique click = when a customer clicks an affiliate link or a particular banner f... more
How do I find a campaign ID ?
There are 2 ways to find the ID of a campaign: 1)In the merchant panel at Campai... more
I want to use login form for affiliates in my site
To use login form for affiliates you will need to login as an affiliate, then go... more
What does 'banner status' mean in the banner manager?
In the merchant panel at Banners > Banners manager you can come across the 'B... more
Where do I find the affiliate id?
You have do the following: in the merchant panel at Affiliates > Affiliates m... more
How to make the affiliate to pay an entry fee to sign up to my Post Affiliate Pro?
If anyone wishes to use Post Affiliate Pro in a way that the customer first has ... more
How does PAP recognize campaign from click/sale/action?
Recognizing campaign from a click request Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) will try the... more