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Tips & Tricks

How to run only one cron task
We would like to describe you a bit about what's new in thecron job system relat... more
Referred affiliate signup is not registered under parent affiliate
In this case we recommend to check what tracking codeyou have in the signup page... more
Using google recaptcha on custom signup page
To implement google recaptcha to work on your custom HTML signup page in same wa... more
How to allow customers to enter a referral id (affiliate id) of an affiliate in a page
Some merchants prefer to allow the customers to enter in the merchant's website ... more
How can merchant login as an affiliate
In some cases you might want to log in as one of your affiliates. For example to... more
How to make the affiliates to accept the new terms and conditions
Let's say your Terms and Conditions in your affiliate program are about to chang... more
Track subID dynamically
Several customers of ours asked: "How could our affiliates dynamically trac... more
How to put the affiliate program into maintenance (under construction) mode
The solution goes like this: 1) Create an own 'signup page' theme at_ Configurat... more
Call javascript method when click tracking was executed
Some of our customers need to call javascript functions after the click tracking... more
Pay commissions only for unique clicks
Post Affiliate Pro (network) tracks by default all clicks on affiliate links/ban... more
How to track impressions in promo emails
If you wanted to track the impressions of promo emails created in Post Affiliate... more
Date format in templates
If you wanted to change date format for some reason, it is possible to do it wit... more
Replicated site at custom location and WordPress permalinks
Let's say you wish to replicate _http://yoursite.com_ WP page and that page uses... more
Change the default wallpaper of Blue Aero affiliate panel theme
_NOTE: Change of the default wallpaper is currently not possible on our__hosted ... more
In this section we will show some interesting stuff that can be done with Post A... more
Asynchronous tracking scripts
In case you need your scripts to be loaded asynchronously, try to follow this ar... more
How to integrate Post Affiliate Pro with Google Analytics?
Some merchants wish to be able to track statistics in their Google Analytics acc... more
How to re-send data from ASP
I was looking for a solution for a long time and finally I got it. The problem o... more
Mobile app tracking
Let's imagine, that you are a developer of Android or Apple iOS applications and... more
How to highlight the selected menu in affiliate panel
When you are using "Classic Wide for affiliate panel" theme in affilia... more
Hide the "Download Our Signup & Login Form" section in the affiliate panel
In the affiliate panel at _Promotion > Advanced tools > Signup subaffiliat... more
How to track video playback events
Each online video player should have a different events related to playback, lik... more
Import/upload custom transaction (update transactions)
You can use this for importing transactions from custom csv file or you can upda... more
How to automatically log in as an affiliate
You can do it using API (http://support.qualityunit.com/knowledgebase/post-affil... more
How to add a special sale bonus to special affiliate
Lets say you have a close friend in your affiliate system and you want to pay hi... more
Quick launch icons in Blue Aero theme
Did you know this menu supports drag and drop? Affiliates and merchants can mod... more
Invite affiliate to the campaign after signup
Some customers are interested in inviting affiliates into a campaign after signu... more
Assign limited number or amount of commissions for each affiliate
Sometimes a merchant wants to assign limited number of commissions for each affi... more
How to process IPN using Pearl
You just need to add following code into your IPN processing script: $req-&g... more
How to add monthly commission bonus
This scenario will show you a simple script that you can use for assigning speci... more
How to create PayPal non-hosted non-encrypted buttons?
Please note that your PayPal buttons can't be integrated if they are hosted so y... more
Register click commission only in case the sale was made
Sometimes you want to pay affiliates per click too. This is quite usual, but unu... more
How to add referral box into site
You might have wondered how to put a box on your site where your visitors can ju... more
Use of site replication for rss feed purpose
If you want to offer a data feed - rss feed for your affiliates, you can use the... more
Offline promotion materials with Site Replication and Rebrand PDF
Let's imagine that you are selling mountain bikes and your affiliates attend man... more
Wordpress Plugin For Post Affiliate Pro
Navigate tohttp://support.qualityunit.com/829758-WordPress-integration-plugin (h... more
How to add a page into the mini-site
Adding new page to mini-site is as simple as editing existing one. Let's say we ... more
How to add Live Agent button to the application
If you want to add a chat button from your Live Agent to your Post Affiliate Pro... more
How to change the information about affiliate manager
Actually there are 2 ways to reach the correct place where you can apply the des... more
How to set up subaffiliate (multitier) commissions
To set up multitier commissions your affiliates can earn if their sub-affiliate ... more
How to assign a non-referred customer to an affiliate (force visitor id)
Sometimes the merchants want to make sure, that if a customer for the very first... more
How to add newsletter functionality
Though Post Affiliate Pro does not have a newsletter functionality yet, you can ... more
How to remove all statistics data
After some testing in your Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) there are a bunch of clicks,... more
Different email templates for sale / actions
If you want to have different email per sale / action, you have to use if statem... more
How to refer in the affiliate panel to a custom page or how to open an url as a custom URL page?
If you want to have a link in some screen of the affiliate panel which shall ope... more
How to register separate products from sale
If you pay different commission for different products, you will probably need t... more
How to import/export data
You can easily export and import data about affiliates, transactions etc. All da... more
How to send customer info to referring affiliate in email template
If you want to send customer information such as name or email address to your a... more
How to display affiliate details at any site
If you want to show your customer/visitor of your shop that he/she was referred ... more