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How to apply the VAT to my SWREG order using PayPal
When ordering through SWREG you can use PayPal as well. If you have a valid VAT ... more
How to change payment details of my order
SWREGIn case your order is handled by SWREG, then you can use this link to take ... more
What Payment methods do you accept?
All payments for our products are handled by our payment processor: www.SWREG.or... more
Can I buy your product via PayPal?
Yes, it is possible through our payment gateways. For our Owned licenses we have... more
Why was my order declined by your payment processor?
Your bank has issued a 'Declined' statement. It may be that your bank is not a... more
I placed an order of your product, when will I receive a confirmation email including the download information ?
Ordering process works the following way: 1. You place an order 2. Our payment ... more
I ordered more products from you in bundle, but in members area I see just one.
In case you ordered bundle (more products at special price) from us, we need to ... more
What is SWREG ?
SWREG is the oldest online software store in the world. SWREG®, in existencesi... more
When I pay for the software online, am I able to download it, or are you shipping it to me?
You can download all our products right after your order is processed in our pay... more