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Setting up the system

This section describes the first steps with the system, and actions you should d... more
1. Introduction to the system
Post Affiliate Pro can be divided into these parts: Merchant (admin) panelIt is ... more
2. Brainstorming
Don't underestimate this step. You should have a plan what you want to achieve w... more
3. Configuring the system
Post Affiliate Pro can run your affiliate program even with the default configur... more
4. Setting up campaign(s) and commissions
Campaigns are used to specify different types or different levels of commissions... more
5. Add banners and promo materials
You should give your affiliates a selection of promotional materials so that the... more
6. Set up emails functionality
You should set up the emailing functionality so that the system sends email noti... more
7. Customize your affiliate signup form
Review the standard signup form, and customize it if you want to. The signup fo... more
8. Customize your affiliate panel
Affiliate panel is a place where your affiliates get all the information which h... more
9. Integrate the affiliate software with your website
Integration is a way to connect the affiliate system to your current website, sh... more
10. Test everything
When you created your campaigns, defined correct commissions, and created some b... more