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Replicated site is a feature that allows you to create Replicated sites for your affiliates. This means that you create one site, use variables like {$firstname}, {$lastname} and PAP will create personalized page for each of your affiliates. By making replicated site, affiliates can promote you even if they do not have their own site, where they could place banners. If there is a replicated site set up in your system, affiliate can just copy its url and post it to potential customers. Replicated site is personalized for each affiliate and ensures that when customers goes through this site, cookies will be saved and sale will be referred to this affiliate.

Live examples
We have set up replicated site in our affiliate program. This site is replicated Wordpress blog and shows the power of the Site Replication Feature.

Replicated site of affiliate Michal Bebjak:

Replicated site of affiliate Viktor Zeman:

How to create replicated site

Activate Site replication feature
In the merchant panel navigate to Configuration > Features > Site replication and click the Activate button. After the restart of the application, this feature will be available. If instead of the Activate button there is a Buy now button, then click it and process the payment. After accomplishing the payment and refreshing your Post Affiliate Pro (or navigating to the ABOUT section) the feature will be available for activation.

Create Replicated site
Go to Banners -> Banners manager -> Add banner and choose Replicated site. You will get the following screen:

Choose name and campaign for this replicated site.

Choose URL of the replicated site
You can choose between default and custom location. For more information see Replicated site URL. Click create and you will get the following screen:


Upload replicated site files
Upload all files to the Replicated site folder or to a custom folder in your server which then you point out in the 'Replicate external URL' field. 
For more information see Replicated site files

Check created site
Now the replicated site is created and you can watch preview by clicking the link in editation screen.
In order to replicate any site successfully (lets say do the following: 
1. in firefox open the particular site, let's say 
2. press CTRL+U (works in firefox, chrome, opera), so you see the html source code of the site. 
3. copy this source code to a freshly created index.php file and rewrite all the relative paths to absolute ones. 
e.g. if you have href="contacts.html" then rewrite it to href=""
4. In Post Affiliate Pro merchant panel navigate to Banners -> Banners manager -> Add banner and choose Replicated site. Fill in the Name, choose the campaign. 
5. At the 'Replicated site URL' section select the desired url and press the Create button. After that press the "Generate .htaccess for this location". 
6. Copy that code and appened it to the root .htaccess file of the particular domain (in this example, the domain is 
7. Then press the "Check if .htaccess is working for this location" . If it says "Site replication .htaccess is working at this location" that's perfect. If it says something else, then follow those instructions.  
8. For Replicated site files either select 'Replicate local files' and then the system will show you the folder for the replicated site files OR choose the "Replicate external URL" option. 
9. Copy the freshly created index.html file to the shown (automatically created) or custom created folder in step no.8 . 
10. Into the "Files to process" row type: *.php  (since the file to be replicated is ends with .php)
11. click Save 
Now your site replication is ready.

>> How to translate .htaccess content to ISS web.config ?

Check this link below and read more about :

  - The site replication feature is available since version
- the site replication requires to have mod_proxy and mod_rewrite enabled in your webserver
- if you have overwrite cookies turned off and the customer who opens a replicated site had already some cookies saved, these cookie won't be overwritten by the replicated site
If you have a shared server with HostGator, then mod_proxy will not work as expected due to having the "ProxyPreserveHost" module turned on.  
See how to check the functionality of mod_proxy:
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