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Features and functions

Please note that some features are available only in _Professional_and_Ultimate_... more
Affiliate info in external page
AboutThis plugin (available from version5.4.12.8) enables you to display affilia... more
Rest Commissions
The feature has to be activated before it can be used. To activate it go in your... more
Callback URL
In Post Affiliate Pro (Network) from version and higher there is a possi... more
Asynchronous communication
In case of optimization many users prefer to use asynchronous scripts in their w... more
Affiliate panel - Home screen additional data
This plugin allows to use additional data variables in Affiliate Home screen (pe... more
Campaign Scheduler
Note: This feature is available since version This feature allows you ... more
Top Level Affiliate Commission
Do not mistake this forTop Level Affiliate Fixed Commission (http://support.qual... more
Auto-Registering Affiliates
Note: This feature is available since version This feature allows you... more
Affiliate Link Protector/Cloaker
Sometimes, when customers see the link has some affiliate code, they can remove ... more
Using Product ID
You can use Product ID to force the affiliate system to choose a particular camp... more
Banners categories
If you have many banners,it is very useful to have an option to separate them in... more
Lifetime commissions
This plugin enables lifetime referrals. Requirements: in order to make it work, ... more
Private campaigns
By default, all the campaigns in Post Affiliate Pro are public and it means that... more
Affiliate Sale Tracking Codes
The _Affiliate Sale Tracking Codes (http://www.postaffiliatepro.com/features/cus... more
Recurring commissions
Recurring commissions allow you to reward your affiliates for recurring payments... more
Fixed cost
Fixed cost feature is a useful tool for those merchants who need to subtract som... more
Top Level Affiliate Fixed Commission
_Top Level Affiliate Fixed Commission(TLAFC) _plugin allows you to setup fixed c... more
Mass pay export format
Define mass pay export format You can define export format for each payout opti... more
Disable performance rewards for selected affiliates
To disable performance rewards for selected affiliates, first you have to activa... more
How to set maximum commission per referral
There is a plugin in Post Affiliate Pro that allows you to set the maximum numbe... more
Fraud protection
Sometimes repeating transactions can occur when a customer refreshes the web pag... more
Invoices and VAT handling
Invoices In Post Affiliate Pro you can generate invoices for your affiliates. Yo... more
Sale tracking fraud protection
This plugin will disable unauthorized creation of sales - using MD5 checks... more
Dynamic (Deep) links
Till version5.4.12.11 (http://dev.postaffiliatepro.com/posts/2015/09/21/ more
GeoIP Core - Map overlay report
GeoIP plugin is based on the free GeoIP database offered by MaxMind. You can tur... more
SubID / Channels tracking
Post Affiliate Pro allows your affiliates to use advanced tracking of the traffi... more
How is the affiliate tree working (Tier commission)
Let's see the following example: Mike | Albert | Penny | Joan |Jane | Ivonn... more
Forced Matrix
Aforced matrix is a system where there is a limit to the number of referrals any... more
QuickBooks export to IIF format
There is a plugin in Post Affiliate Pro 4 that allows you to export the payout h... more
Mail to friend
Note: This feature is available since version4.5.38.1. This featureallows the ... more
Aweber - Post Affiliate Pro Email Parser
To integrate Post Affiliate Pro with Aweber, you have to create a custom Email p... more
Action Commissions
Action Commissions feature allows you to define different CPA (cost per action) ... more
Campaigns categories
In case you have a lot of campaigns, it is very useful to have an option to sepa... more
Affiliate Campaigns Plugin
This plugin enables the_{$affiliatecampaigns}_variablein the email templates. Th... more
Payout fields encryption
The _Payout fields encryption_ feature encrypts all the affiliate payout data su... more
Compressed commission placement model
Compressed commission placement model is based on Infinity Line Dynamic Compress... more
Migration script from PAP3
A detailed description of migration can be found here: http://support.qualityun... more
Branding Free
Branding Free is a special feature that allows you to change the links in the fo... more
Campaign matching algorithm
Post Affiliate Pro automatically searches forproduct ID (http://support.qualityu... more
ReCaptcha lets you embed a CAPTCHA in your affiliate signup in order to protect ... more
How to define another filter in Emails
First you have to go to in your merchant panel to Affiliates > Affiliate mana... more
Multiple merchants
The multiple merchants feature allows you to have more than one merchant (admini... more
Multiple currencies
How it works Post Affiliate Pro uses one main currency, you can set it at Confi... more
Auto response plus plugin configuration
After activating the Auto response plus plugin in your merchant panel and clicki... more
Action commission for signup
This plugin helps you to use action commission for signups. First of all you hav... more
CPM commissions
CPM (cost per mille) commissions are a special type of commissions that are rewa... more