Why I cannot use site replication feature on my hosted account?

Yes, you can use Site Replication feature on our hosted accounts. The only problem is that you can not upload files directly for the replication. You have to use external URL for replication.

How does it work
You have to create your site replication files and upload it to some server, e.g. to your main site server (e.g. to relpic/ directory). Then, you can create Site Replication banner in your hosted account and in the section "Replicated site files" set the type to "Replicate external URL". The URL has to point to your files at your domain (relpic/ directory from our example, e.g. https://www.yourdomain.com/relpic/). Thanks to this, the Site replication will work normally though you do not host the replication files at the same server as Post Affiliate Pro 4.