Can I have more tracking requests on my Post Affiliate Pro/Network?

Tracking requests are all impressions (e.g. displays of banners), clicks, sales, or action tracks sent to Post Affiliate Pro and processed by our servers. Each Post Affiliate Pro/Network account has a predefined amount of free tracking requests that vary based on the selected plan. After reaching the maximum limit of free tracking requests, an unlimited amount of requests can still be tracked for an additional charge. The price of the additional tracking requests above the free limit also depends on the plan, see the prices on our pricing page.

Tracking monthly tracking requests

If you want to see the current amount of tracking requests received in your Post Affiliate Pro account and a prediction of estimated tracking requests at the end of the current month, navigate in your merchant panel to Reports > Traffic info.

To lower the amount of tracking requests it is possible to disable the tracking of impressions. For that, check out this article.

On the Account summary, additionally paid tracking requests are separately displayed as "Additional transactions".