Why and how we block accounts that are used for spamming

Sometimes it happens that you get an affiliate who won't hesitate and will start sending out spam emails which might contain links to your Post Affiliate Pro account. In such cases we are notified about it and as much as we don't like to do so we are forced to drastic measures and to suspend your entire Post Affiliate Pro account in order to protect our domain name and brand. Unfortunately we can't access your accounts directly in order to remove only those affiliates which are responsible for these issues.


If in the emails sent out by your affiliates contain impression tracking, example:


or a standard redirect link, example :


and these emails will get high spam index we must act so our domain and domains of other customers aren't affected.


We will suspend your account temporarily and we will send you an email in which we will inform you about the links used in those spam emails and how does those emails look like. To resolve the issue you should contact us on chat or via email and ask us to unsuspend your account in order for you to be able to decline/delete that particular affiliate and notify him about his misconduct so he can stop sending out such emails, or at least remove links pointing to your Post Affiliate Pro domain from his emails.