Standard links (redirect links)

Standard links (Redirect links), formerly "Old style tracking" work like any other link. To create a click the link always points to a script in your Post Affiliate Pro 4 (PAP4) installation folder including some affiliate variables of Post Affiliate Pro:

This click.php script creates a browser cookie in visitor's browser, registers a click to an affiliate with the particular refid and registers a per click commission (if defined) computed based on the campaign to which the banner identified by a_bid variable belongs. When the click is saved and browser cookie created, the Destination URL from this banner is used for redirection. So when you click on a link like
you will end up at the Destination URL (target URL) defined in the banner with ID represented by the value of a_bid in the link you have clicked.

If you want to rely on the Flash cookies, remember that this tracking method doesn't create Flash cookies.
NOTE: If you switch to this linking method globally, so at Configuration > Tracking settings > Affiliate linking method you switch to "Standard links (redirect)", then the General Affiliate Link will disappear. 
In case you still wish to have a general affiliate link while you are using Standard Links (redirect) linking method, then you can add a general affiliate link , but when you are adding it, then the base URL of the link must be like URL_TO_PostAffiliatePro/scripts/click.php . The link should be followed by ?a_aid={$refid}&a_bid=bannerID, where you need to replace "bannerID" with ID of the banner in which you have defined the desired URL to which this link should redirect.