I see error "No input file specified." on IIS server

This error means, that your PHP is not configured correctly in your IIS server.

Resolution of problem:

Open php.ini file and review the doc_root setting.

Example of value could be following setting:

doc_root = "d:\Inetpub\wwwroot"

The comments above this setting say:

; The root of the PHP pages, used only if nonempty.
; if PHP was not compiled with FORCE_REDIRECT, you SHOULD set doc_root
; if you are running php as a CGI under any web server (other than IIS)
; see documentation for security issues. The alternate is to use the
; cgi.force_redirect configuration below

If you are using PHP in ISAPI mode, not CGI, try comment out the setting so it will look like this:

; doc_root = "d:\Inetpub\wwwroot"

Then save php.ini and restart IIS by opening a command prompt (Start => Programs => Accessories => Command Prompt) and type the command:


This should fix the problem!

If it will not resolve problem, please ask your server administrator to resolve the problem - it is related to wrong configuration of PHP on your server