Shopify "Your webhook is failing" email notification

Occasionally, you may receive an email notification from Shopify with the subject "Your webhook is failing", containing the following message: Your webhook for ... at https:// ... is failing to return a successful response. This webhook has been attempted ... times. If your webhook continues to fail, it will be removed and your application will not receive any more notifications. Despite these notifications might look al...

How to debug networking issues when Post Affiliate Pro is very slow or not loading (Cloud accounts)

In case your Post Affiliate Pro cloud account is slow or not loading at all, there can be more reasons which cause such issue. We have servers in different places over the world and network configuration is very complex, so there can be a specific issue sometime. For example your account can work for us in Europe, but not for you in Asia. In such case, it is very helpful, if you help us to identify the problem directly from your place. To help us, you can make couple of simple calls in your...

How To Enable Session Support for PHP?

The session support can be turned on automatically at the site level, or manually in each PHP page script: Turning on session support automatically at the site level we have to modify some setting in php.ini file. you can get php.ini file in folder you install PHP. To your sessions you have to set or reset following parameter in your php.ini file Define path to save sessions session.save_path = "C:\php\sessiondata\" Directory related to server session should be under 777 chmod > fully writ...

Fatal error: Cannot access parent class

Are you receiving error mentioned in the field? Fatal error: Cannot access parent:: when current class scope has no parent in /home/site/public_html/PAP/include/Gpf/Exception.class.php on line 27 Do not worry, this error is most probably caused by enabled xCache on your server. The solution is disabling the xCache on your server or disabling the xCache just for the directory with Post Affiliate Pro / Network installation. You can see this error using the debugger in Chrome or Firefox fireb...

How to turn off PHP notices

By default, PHP notices are turned off and are not displayed. Nevertheless, if you can see notices in your site, you can tell PHP to hide it. To turn this off, you can add this code to you PHP file, somewhere at the beginning of your code, e.g. to index.php: <?php error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_WARNING | E_PARSE); This will tell PHP to only report errors, warnings and compile-time parse errors.

Data are not exporting (Export to CSV button)

If you have trouble doing export via "Export to CSV" button with result: something is processing, but no output came at the end, then there can be problem saving data to database while processing. Reason why there are not data saved correctly may be not enough big setting "max_allowed_packet". It can help to raise value for this setting. Recommended value is at least 15M

Cannot place an order of SaaS solution of Post Affiliate Pro (Network) - authorization failed

When placing an order of SaaS solution of Post Affiliate Pro (Network), the order is handled by our payment processor - 2checkout. If you cannot place (accomplish) an order and you get a message like "Authorization failed", then one of the following issues might be the case: Authorization Failed: Do Not Honor Reason for the message: The information passes validation on our end and an actual authorization request is sent but the bank is declining the authorization. The most common caus...

PayPal orders not tracked on BlueHost server

Seems like BlueHost servers use mod_security which is preventing PayPal IPN from reaching Post Affiliate Pro (Post Affiliate Network). Because of that the integration with PayPal simply does not work. To fix this, just contact your BlueHost support and ask them if there is a mod_security enabled and if so, ask them to exclude PayPal from it.

API add() and save() requests throw ‘Request not executed yet’ error message

A customer of ours who uses PHP 5.5.6 with nginx and php-fpm tried to use a generic php API code (creating an affiliate ( and when the add() function was called it threw: ‘Request not executed yet’ What was the solution? Let's read what the customer wrote: "zend.ze1 was set to off, and everything was ok. To figure this out i had to enable verbose logging on PHP-FPM daemon. ini_set could not get pass this when running...

Issues that can be revealed (solved) via custom.php file

Sometimes during installation or update of Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) or Post Affiliate Network (PAN) you may come across some issues that are mainly caused by some web-server configuration. Let's list these issues and ways to reveal/solve the issue: - if the request to the server shows no error only says 500 intenal server error (the error is visible e.g. through Firebug ( _ or Google Chrome developer tools ( in th...

Unsupported integrations

Here is a short list of shopping carts/payment gateways that we can't integrate with: - GoDaddy shopping cart - Webs service which offers a very simple shopping cart - VistaPrint - SentryLogin - Merchant Manager from Optimum Web Hosting - freewebstore, no way to integrate sale tracking (checked 12.8.2017)

Importing affiliates does not work

Sometimes you may want to import affiliates into Post Affiliate Pro, but for some reason the import does not work. What to do? 1) Make sure you have the proper file format: - navigate in the merchant panel to _Tools > Import/Export > Export > _check in_ 'Affiliates' >_ click_ "Export data"_. - under the table listing the export options you will find a link _"Exported files"_ that will redirect you to the exported file screen and there you may click the _"D"_ button next to the e...

I see error "No input file specified." on IIS server

This error means, that your PHP is not configured correctly in your IIS server. Resolution of problem: Open php.ini file and review the doc_root setting. Example of value could be following setting: doc_root = "d:\Inetpub\wwwroot" The comments above this setting say: ; The root of the PHP pages, used only if nonempty. ; if PHP was not compiled with FORCE_REDIRECT, you SHOULD set doc_root ; if you are running php as a CGI under any web server (other than IIS) ; see documentation for s...

vBulletin PayPal subscription

* Log in to your vBulletin admin panel and go to: Styles & Templates > Style Manager. In this section choose your used style and from the select box click to the Edit templates. * From the showed templates select: Subscriptions (Paind) Templates and after that subscription_payment_paypal * In the showed code find these lines: <input type="hidden" name="notify_url" value="$vboptions[bburl]/payment_gateway.php?method=paypal" /> <input type="hidden" name="custom" value="$us...

Error/blank page when previewing rebrand pdf banner

When I want to preview a re-branded PDF banner, I get this error (or simply blank page): **1. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 20971520 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2904 bytes) in /affiliate/include/ion/Gpf/Pdf/Object/String.class.php on line 41** This error is caused by low memory size which is required for running a script. Open your php.ini file and find this line: memory_limit = 20M ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume Then simply increase the memory_limit to ...

Invalid Smarty syntax

**Incorrect widget** Check if you widget has correctly filled id. And css class name cannot by empty: Incorrect: {widget id=""} {widget id="" class=""} {widget id="firstname" class=""} Correct: _{widget id="firstname"}_ or _{widget id="firstname" class="signupFirstname"}_ **Special character** The error "Invalid Smarty syntax" should appear when editing templates. The reason why it appeared is that you used some special character in it. This can happen when you use rich text edi...

Following files have not been uploaded correctly

If you see following error during running installer it means that not all files have been uploaded or that files have been damaged during upload. List of MISSING and CORRUPTED files is shown bellow. You need to upload these files again and click refresh to run integrity check again. Make sure that you are uploading all files in binary mode. If everything is ok, system will proceed with installation / update. If you want to skip integrity check, type the installation with parameter p=F, ...

The General affiliate link is not displayed

This can be caused by two main reasons: First one is your tracking settings - if you are using "Standard links (Redirect links)" OR "DirectLink style (no URL parameters)" linking method, then the general affiliate link would not work anyways, so the system turns it off automatically. Second reason can be your template code - if you have modified it, there can be a problem. Try to change to default theme and you will see if there is any change. If so, check the original code and replace the m...

Error when adding Google Analytics code to affiliate panel.

Post Affiliate Pro uses Smarty template engine ( so some text needs special care before it can be used. Namely { and } as Smarty uses them to parse the text. Unfortunately most JavaScript Code also uses curly brackets and can throw error when you simply place JavaScript into Smarty template. Fortunately this can be easily fixed by placing the code between {literal}{/literal} tags, like this: {literal} <script type="text/javascript"> var gaJsHost = (("https:" == d...

Database status shows as no data loaded

Possible reason why this happens is, that your mysql user, which you use for connecting PAP4 to database has no rights on system table INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES. To resolve this issue, you should assign to your mysql user also read privilege on table TABLES in system database INFORMATION_SCHEMA.

Curl error: <url> malformed

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Gpf_Exception' with message 'Curl error: <url> malformed' This error is caused by not using full path in API. You should change your links in API from relative path to full. This should resolve the problem.

Referral ID can contain only [a-zA-Z0-9_-] characters. email given

When trying to signup as an affiliate, your customers can get this type of an error: Referral ID can contain only [a-zA-Z0-9_-] characters. given This is caused by plugin "Username Referral IDs" which gets the value for Referral ID from the username, which is now set as the email address. The solution is to navigate to Configuration> Affiliate signup> Fiels and to turn on the option "do not force email usernames" near the username field. Or you can simply deact...

Error on installation: Could not create directory ../accounts/default1/cache/ (safe mode)

Error on installation step Create account: Could not create directory ../accounts/default1/cache/ Problem is that your PHP runs under safe mode. You can check it here: safe_mode On On In this mode only user or group that own any directory can create new directories or files in them even if permissions are set to 777. When PAP4 run under your web server, new directories are created with different owner so installer is not able ...

I deleted the htaccess file

If you deleted the htaccess file, you should only create a new one and copy it to the location of previous htaccess.

Error about Referral ID at affiliates signup page

If you can not signup affiliates because error appears and notice you about something concern Rererral ID, the problem is in your Plugins probably. Navigate to Plugins in your merchant panel and you can see few Plugins that are activated. You need to think about these plugins - one or more collide with another. E.g. you can not use "Referral ID length constraint" that checks length of refID and "Username Referral IDs" that clone refID with username. The userame will have the same length as re...

No captcha image visible when requesting new password for merchant or affiliate

If you forget a password to your merchant or affiliate login into Post Affiliate Pro, you can request new password. You will need to enter your email address (username) and write down the code written inside the captcha image. However, if you do not see any captcha image, please check your PHP settings (/scripts/phpinfo.php) and GD support must be enabled. Sometimes, FreeType library is required. Please, read more here: Or you can also ...

Your API file may not match your PAP installation

The error "Could not communicate order status change to PAP, Your API file may not match your PAP installation." is caused by different versions of your API file and the version of your PAP4 installation. This happens when you use API file on another server than your PAP4 server is. The error probably appeared after you have updated PAP4 application but forgot to update the API file on the other server. To solve the problem, copy the API file from the actual installation and overwrite the API...

I copied PAP folder to another domain on same server, but now indicates invalid license.

Please retype your license number to field below message and update license. License will be reloaded from our license server and updated in your installation. After this update should run application again without problems.

Widgets in Blue Aero theme are shrunk and one over another

Widgets in Blue Aero theme, in the right side bar can be resized. In some cases you can experience problems with it, because your cursor just jumped too quickly or in some special cases, the widgets get shrunk without knowledge of the user, after the application frozen. In the image below you can see the shrunk widgets one over each other, so it is messed and you can not use it. The solution is bit tricky, but very easy. First, navigate the cursor over the widgets, you should see interchanged...

Flash banner is not clickable or affiliate URL parameters are lost upon clicking the banner

During banner creation (in any tool for making flash banners) you didn't add the ability to be clickable. Please, add this code to the flash banner's source code (.fla file): on (release) { if (clickTAG.substr(0,4) == "http") { getURL(clickTAG); } } sometimes this doesn't work and the target location has to be opened in a new tab/window. Use this modification: on (release) { if (clickTAG.substr(0,4) == "http") { getURL(clickTAG, '_blank'); } } NOTE: If the click tag in the flash banner's so...

Replicated site gives: Error loading user 'index.html.var'

If you are getting this red error: Error loading user 'index.html.var' instead of a replicated site, the problem is that the affiliate parameter is missing. This can happen e.g. in case when you use the "custom location" setting for the site replication and you use the same URL for your main site... So usually you access your site here: and you have also set this as the custom location for the site replication, so your affiliates has links looking like this: https://yours...

Infinite loading of merchant and affiliate panels or login forms

The following article is meant only for customers with a standalone installation of Post Affiliate Pro (installation on their own server). If you run into troubles with infinite loading of your merchant and affiliate panels or login forms, most probably it is caused by Pagespeed module for Apache server. Pagespeed - mod_pagespeed, is an open-source Apache HTTP Server or Nginx webservers module used to speed up websites on the server. It automatically applies chosen filters to pages, stylesh...

Corrupted layout of merchant login panel

If you have after upgrade to latest version of PAP4 corrupted design of merchant login panel like shows image, please do following: 1. Delete file accounts/default1/themes/merchants/classic_wide/login_form.tpl 2. Delete all files from directory accounts/default1/cache/templates/merchants/classic_wide/ Example of corrupted design:

Transferring affiliates data from one domain to another in case of tracking the sale

To track the sales you have to do two steps - click tracking code has to be inserted in the landing pages of your banners and links and also the sales tracking code (in general integrated with the thank you page) has to be within the same domain as the landing pages to track the sales properly. But what if your landing page is not at the same domain as the "thank you page" containing the sales tracking code? You can transfer the affiliate information. NOTE: In case you do not use Standar...

Welcome message is not translated

The welcome message, that appears under the photo of affiliate manager in the affiliate panel, needs to be enclosed between and . So when editing the affiliate manager info (welcome message) in the merchant panel by clicking your merchant name > Change affiliate manager info visible in affiliate panel, then it is supposed to look like this: Hello and welcome to our affiliate program... If you changed the welcome message, ten you need to add it as a new translation into yo...

Features are not populated

When in the merchant panel you click the menu item called Features and the feature list is not populated, but you get a "Network connections are disabled" warning, then in the Your_PAP_installation/accounts/ directory locate the settings.php file, open it and change the line NETWORK=N to NETWORK=Y. Save the changes and restart the Post Affiliate Pro.

Some tier commissions are not generated. Why?

Let's say in a campaign we have the general commission settings the following way: 1st tier: 5% 2nd tier: 1% 3rd tier: 1% 4th tier: 1% and _in the same campaign_ let's have a commission group (CG1) where the following commission setting can be found: 1st tier: 10% Let's have the following affiliates: John > Peter > Jack > Samuel, while John referred Peter, Peter referred Jack, Jack referred Samuel. Now let's examine 2 cases when Samuel refers a sale, so in this case,...

Custom settings: custom.php

If you need some custom settings, there is a possibility add them into file _pap_directory/scripts/custom.php_. (add them into PHP block: <?php ?> ) Turn off Mysql check define('CHECK_MYSQL_DISABLED', ''); Mysql check will be skipped during install checking System Requirements. Set display_errors on error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_STRICT); ini_set('display_errors', true); ini_set('display_startup_errors', true); Display errors that occur on PHP server. ...

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect

If you see in your installation error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect It means, that in your php is not installed mysql extension, which is mandatory for Post Affiliate Pro. Often user see, that php files are working in web browser, but e.g. from cron or when executing script manually from commandline, it doesn't work. This is caused by fact, that webser could use another php or another php.ini is used. Resolution is to add support of mysql extension also to commandl...

Signup affiliate - Syntax error

If you experience the following error message after having a new member signed up: "Syntax error: [in text://5c7645bc889e310d1e477e0c69c33638 line 18]: unrecognized tag: behavior:url(#default#VML); (Smarty_Compiler.class.php, line 448)" then the problem is in the 'after signup' mail templates, more exactly, in the following ones: - Merchant - New User Signup - Affiliate - New User Signup Before Approval - Affiliate - New User Signup Approved Please consult this article (https://s...

Error when loading merchant panel

If you get a screen like the one bellow (see 'Error screen') it means that some requests timed out. At the startup, there are multiple requests sent at a time and some of them require connection to (check the license and verify if there is a new version available). If the connection to times out, it times out other requests too. Temporary fix of this issue is to disable network connections in Post Affiliate Pro. If you do so, then some features like adding gadgets...

Please enable following functions in your php.ini: imagettftext

This error warns you about missing PHP extension that is needed to properly run the Post Affiliate Pro 4. Imgettftext is a part of GD extension so please check if your PHP supports it or if it has the newest extension (gd2). You will also need TTF extension to make it working. If you do not know how to do this, just try to ask your hosting if they can enable these extensions for you. They will probably need to recompile PHP to enable both TTF and GD extension.

eAccelerator module installed at server

We know about existing problems when there is eAccelerator module installed at server where PAP4 is installed too. It is causing problem, e.g. you can not install application, you can not run application... It is possible that these problems are caused not by eAccelerator itself, but its configuration. It would be probably hart to find which configuration.

PayPal charges Shipping on affiliate payments

This probably have been previously set up in PayPal. To change these settings in PayPal, go to Profile > Postage Calculations and click the Clear Settings button to remove the shipping charge.

Blank page under install url

If you saw just blank page on place of Install wizard, there could be more reasons: * php5 is not installed on your server - not each web server has installed PHP5 by default - please contact your server administrator to configure PHP5 with your web server. * php crashed during execution before any text was output to browser - reason should be possible to find in web server error log (often php crash e.g. if not correct versions of libraries/extensions are with php or any extension is miss...

When Suhosin extension is loaded, system temporary directory needs to be available

First create temporary folder with all permissions (777) on your server, It can be placed in PAP folder e.g. [your PAP folder]/install/TEMP/. Go to /include/Gpf/Templates/ in your PAP folder and edit file Smarty.class.php Find the following string private static function getSysTempDir() { and add a new line after that; it must contain a relative path to your temporary folder. This path is relative to the install/ folder. return './TEMP/'; save file and run installation. Skip the integrit...

Special characters encoding problem

If you use language with special characters and top menu of mini-site is displayed incorrect, you have probably set incorrect charset encoding in your apache server configuration. You need to set charset=UTF-8. Here you can see example, where is charset=WINDOWS-1251 but it need to be charset=UTF-8:

Error during update (FTP info)

When I am updating the Post Affiliate Pro and I enter FTP info, I get the red error message. Please, enter the FTP address without ftp://, for example

Affiliate signup form does not work

This is the issue when there are all data filled out in your affiliate signup form, everything is correct and clicking the Signup button does nothing. There is no sign of error, but if you check it with Firebug, you will see an error there: uncaught exception: One or more exceptions caught, see full set in UmbrellaException#getCauses The reason why you see this error is probably because of your recaptcha settings. Please check your recaptcha set...

Affiliate can not login because of error "select account"

When your affiliate can not login to your affiliate program, and the error says only "select account", the problem is in multiple accounts with the same login. The resolution for this is to edit your database - find duplicate login in table qu_g_authusers and manually change it. Then contact your affiliate to inform him/her about new login. If you do not know how to correct this problem, contact our Support Center and we will help you.

ERROR: Unknown system variable 'storage_engine'

In most cases means this error, that you have older Mysql version as 4.1 All our products require database version higher as 4.1 To solve this problem we suggest to upgrade your MySql to latest stable version.

Please add support of gd2 extension in your php, otherwise e.g. captcha images will not work!

One of our customer reported, that he see message "Please add support of gd2 extension in your php, otherwise e.g. captcha images will not work!" even if in his php is installed gd2. He had installation of PHP5 on Windows Server. Problem was fixed by installing latest version of php_gd2.dll If you have same problem, please install php_gd2.dll delivered with your current version of PHP5. Don't use older versions of this library with newer PHP release.

"Your session expired" error during installation

If you get "Your session expired" error in the first screen of installation it means that your server does not support session correctly. Please contact your web hosting provider to fix this.

FastCGI Error on Windows IIS Server

Zend Optimizer might cause debug_backtrace() to trigger a 500 Server Error on CGI servers (FastCGI Error). Try to disable Zend Optimizer. PHP bug: debug_backtrace() causes segmentation fault


Invalid license

After the installation or upgrade, it may happen that this screen would appear and as a result, merchant, and affiliates would not be able to enter their panels: First, try to type your license into the field Set new license id and press Update license. If this solution would not help, please do not hesitate to contact our support team to check what may be the problem with your license. Do not forget, that accounts directory with all sub-folders and files should have been set with the ful...

Uploading files with FrontPage

When using FrontPage for uploading files to your server, you can encounter problems. It seems the FrontPage can not send .htaccess files and terminates the file transfer. This will cause problems when trying to install PAP4. Missing files have to be manually uploaded or at least .htaccess file have to be manually uploaded using cPanel file manager or typical FTP transfer tools like FileZilla.

"Could not set include path" error

If you get this error when trying to install: Could not set include path. Please set it in your php.ini: include_path=.././include/Smarty/:.././include/tcpdf/:.././include/Pear/:./:.:../:/var/www/httpdocs/: ...etc you have to do as follows: open php.ini file at your server and find include_path variable. Add string from error - .././include/Smarty/:.././include/tcpdf/:.././include/Pear/: - the : is separator here. When you are finished, save the file and run installation. It should work n...

Could not validate license. Reason: Curl error: couldn't connect to host

During the installation in the validation of license step, the installation would stop because of error Could not validate license. Reason: Curl error: couldn't connect to host. This means, that your server was not able to connect to our server located on Internet (url Possibly is your server behind any firewall and it is not able to access Internet servers. Please try to remove this blocking of requests on your server to Internet and it should start to work.

Banners does not appear in affiliate panel

Banners does not appear in the affiliate panel in Promotion --> Baners & Links (like in the picture). To resolve this problem, go to your merchant panel. Navigate to Banners --> Banner Manager and find any HTML banner, click EDIT and under the DETAILS tab in the "Banner Parameters" section, at "Preview" select "Iframe" and set the "Iframe size" to either 'Own size' or 'Predefined size'.

papTrack is not defined

If on your website after inserting click integration code is generated javascript error "papTrack is not defined", you should review, if javascript library loaded from script /scripts/clickjs.php is not corrupted. How will I troubleshoot this problem e.g. on domain 1. I will check if script clickjs.php generates valid javascript file by entering url to my browser: 2. If this is working, I wi...

I forgot username or/and password

If you forgot your username to the merchant or affiliate panel, you can retrieve it within the login page to both panels: there, click the link I forgot password on the following site, please enter your email and captcha image details to the bottom field. Your username and password with further instructions would arrive to your mailbox after you click Request New Password button. ...

Affiliate panel breaks the layout of Home screen

Affiliate panel breaks the layout of Home screen if the browser window is too narrow. This usually happens if the affiliate uses other language as the default English (en-US) one. The problem is that the Traffic Overview is wider as by default and it is not possible to set the right width automatically. You can set the right width in your affiliate templates by adding a new property 'min-width' into the .SingleMode class in Merchant panel > Configuration > Design > Affiliate p...

Banners does not appear in affiliate panel in Internet Explorer

Problem is that in banner code there are settings height and width with empty value (width="" height=""). There are two options how to override it: You can set image size for every banner in details > banners size - own size. Or you can go to Configuration > Banners & Links format > Image banner format and delete this part of code from template: width="{$width}" height="{$height}"

Unable to connect to database: Access denied for user

This error is bit complex: Unable to connect to database: Access denied for user 'admin'@'localhost' (using password: YES) It can mean that you changed database name, username, password or you are trying to connect to wrong server. If you are logged in an application, all these reasons are not possible. In case you are logged in, the problem is probably in your server connectivity - it can be overweight so you are sometimes not able to connect.