Unsupported integrations

Here is a short list of shopping carts/payment gateways that we can't integrate with:
- GoDaddy shopping cart
- Webs service which offers a very simple shopping cart
- WIX shopping cart
- VistaPrint
- SentryLogin
- Merchant Manager from Optimum Web Hosting
- freewebstore, no way to integrate sale tracking (checked 12.8.2017)
Partially unsupported integrations:
- sites created and hosted by WIX that do not use the 'WIX shopping cart', but use e.g. generic PayPal Buy Now buttons or Ecwid shopping cart ==> the integration will work only if you use 'Standard links (redirect links)' linking method in PAP/PAN. So you can't use a click tracking code (standard links do not use that anyways) in a WIX site, because WIX loads custom html/JavaScript codes using iframes, but does not pass the URL parameters to the iframe. 
- sites created and hosted with Wordpress.com hosted blog. The same as for WIX above applies. The reason is Wordpress prohibits the use of javascript completely.