Why was my order declined by your payment processor?

In this article you can find error messages from our payment processor and potential solutions for those errors:

Cardholder name is too long -  cardholder name must not exceed 175 characters

Credit card type is not accepted by this merchant account - we accept only these credit cart types

Insufficient Funds - you do not have enough money on your card

Expired Card - your card is already expired

Voice Authorization Required - we do not support voice authorization when paying for hosted accounts

We were unable to process your card. - this can be caused by many reasons... Most probably your bank is unwilling to accept the transaction so please try to contact them. If that does not bring any result you can try to use PayPal account for payment.

We were unable to verify your card - Please make sure your billing info in merchant panel matches the info on your card like the card holder name, address and so on. Our payment processor is using AVS verification. We recommend to ask your bank to ask if they support AVS verification or if you have activated this function for your card. If your bank does not work with AVS, please try to use PayPal account for payment instead.