Can I buy your product via PayPal?

Hosted (SaaS) solutions

At the signup page for Post Affiliate Pro / Post Affiliate Network you can choose PayPal in the section of  "Payment Information" (you need to scroll down a bit)
Choose the PayPal option and click on the blue button to enter the PayPal details. When you are done, finish the order by pressing Start now button.


Downloadable (Standalone) licenses

For self-hosted license we use SWREG payment gateway and you can make payment by PayPal.

First you choose the self-hosted license you are interested in on our website and you are redirected to SWREG processor to fill in the details. You do not need to fill in the details first since these will be filled in automatically once you log in to PayPal so proceed by clicking the PayPal Check out button in the upper right section of the screen:

Once the button is clicked you will be redirected to PayPal to log in for the Express Checkout gateway which will return you back to SWREG, where you can either go back to change any of the billing details by clicking Previous button or go to review your order before finally placing it by clicking Continue:
EU customers will have to edit the billing details after logging in with PayPal so they can insert their valid VAT number. So you would have to click Previous button to fill in the VAT ID and change any other details you might be interested in and then continue normally with the order process.
NOTE: We are not able to accept direct PayPal payments, only through payment gateways.