Connecting Gmail Address for Email Sending

If you do not prefer sending out emails from the default Post Affiliate Pro email address, you can configure your merchant account to send emails from your Gmail email address instead. This process uses the Google SMTP mail server and a Google app password.

Creating a Google App Password

First, create an app password in your Google account. Log in to your Google account, navigate to the Security section, and enable the 2-Step verification.

After you've activated the 2-Step Verification, go to the App passwords section by searching for it in the top search bar.

Here, type in Post Affiliate Pro as the App name, click on the Create button, and copy the generated password.

App passwords are only shown once and you won't be able to view it again.

Connecting Gmail Address in the Merchant Panel

After generating your new Google app password, log in to your merchant panel. Navigate to Configuration > Mail Account, and fill out the configuration as follows:

Make sure to paste the Google app password exactly as it was generated, including spaces.

  • Choose how emails should be sent - Send by SMTP
  • SMTP Server -
  • SMTP Port - 465
  • SMTP Username - your Gmail email address
  • SMTP Password - app password generated in your Google account
  • Use SMTP authentication - yes
  • Authentication Method - Default
  • SMTP TLP/SSL - yes

In the final step, to confirm the changes, enter your merchant account password as a verification.

And there you have it! Now, emails sent from your Post Affiliate Pro account will be sent using your Gmail email address.