Email templates define the text of email messages automatically sent to you(merchant) and your affiliates by the Post Affiliate Pro software. You can edit templates for all these emails directly in your merchant panel -> Configuration -> Email Templates.

On the left side you can see a list of all available email templates. Clicking on a specific template will open it in the template editor on the right side.

Automatic translation of template content

By enclosing template content in translation marks like this ##text## it is possible to set up automatic translation of email based on the preferred language of affiliate that will receive the email. These translations has to be defined in the language files of your Post Affiliate Pro software. Please continue with this guide for more detailed info.
If you are not planning of using multiple languages in your Post Affiliate Pro software you can ignore these translation marks completely.

Using variables in email templates

In the email subject and body you can use system variables that are automatically translated to the appropriate value when actual email is generated based on your template. 
Lets take the screenshot above as example. As you can see we are editing one of the affiliate email templates named: Affiliate - Affiliate approved in campaign.
In the email template we are using: ##Dear## {$firstname} {$lastname}
Lets say the name of the affiliate that email is being sent to is John Smith. Now when an actual email is generated based on this template, the actual first line of that email will be: Dear John Smith
Available variables may differ based on the type of email template, but you can always find a list of all variables that are available for that specific template by clicking on ---Insert variable--- field in the template editor. Then just click on the variable in the list to automatically add it to the email template.