Importing affiliates does not work

Sometimes you may want to import affiliates into Post Affiliate Pro, but for some reason the import does not work.
What to do?

1) Make sure you have the proper file format:
- navigate in the merchant panel to Tools > Import/Export > Export > check in 'Affiliates' > click "Export data".
- under the table listing the export options you will find a link "Exported files" that will redirect you to the exported file screen and there you may click the "D" button next to the exported file.
- after downloading the exported file, open it with some simple (non-ritch) text editor, such as Notepad, PsPad, Gedit, Geany, etc. and  you will see the essential format of the file.
- in that exported file replace the exported affiliate data with the affiliate data to be imported and save the file.
Now you may head to Tools > Import/Export > Import > choose the updated file and click Import

NOTE: if during export you choose some other 'separator', then make sure you choose the same 'separator' during import. 
2) Make sure you fill in all the mandatory fields
If any fields of the signup page are set to mandatory, then they must be included (filled in) in the file from which you are about to import the affiliates.
How to find out what fields are mandatory?
Navigate in the merchant panel to Configuration > Affiliate signup > Fields (tab) and check there which fields are set to Mandatory. If you find any fields, that you do not wish to be Mandatory, set them to "Optional" or "Hidden" and click "Save" at the bottom of that page.  
Do not forget to refresh the application using CTRL+F5 key combination. 
NOTE:  Even if you had only Username, First name, Last name set as mandatory, you must fill in the following fields as well:
- userid = alphanumeric string with length from 1 to 8
- referral id = alphanumeric string with length from 1 to 20
- date inserted = correct format is "2012-12-24 00:00:01"  (including quotation marks)
- date approved = correct format is "2012-12-24 00:00:01" (including quotation marks)
           => date inserted and date approved can be of the same date
-  password = alphanumeric string with length from 1 to 20