Error/blank page when previewing rebrand pdf banner

When I want to preview a re-branded PDF banner, I get this error (or simply blank page):

1. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 20971520 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2904 bytes) in /affiliate/include/ion/Gpf/Pdf/Object/String.class.php on line 41

This error is caused by low memory size which is required for running a script.

Open your php.ini file and find this line:  memory_limit = 20M                ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume
Then simply increase the memory_limit to a higher value (we suggest at least 32 - 64 Mb). Each pdf may require different amount of memory so you have to adjust the limit according to your pdf.

If you get blank page every time you want to preview pdf banner, try to check your php settings (you can easily run URLtoYourPAP4/scripts/phpinfo.php) and look for "max_execution_time" setting. For larger PDFs we suggest to increase the value of max_execition_time to at least 120 and for really big (and slow servers) PDFs to at least 240.

If you don't have access to this file, ask your web server provider to do so.

2. Fatal error: Class 'Pap_Features_RebrandPdfBanner_Pdf_Processor' not found in /affiliate/include/Pap/Features/RebrandPdfBanner/Service.class.php on line 33

This error is caused when "ionCube Loader" is disabled. Rebrand Pdf needs "iconv" and "ionCube Loader" php extenstions.