Error on installation: Could not create directory ../accounts/default1/cache/ (safe mode)

Error on installation step Create account: Could not create directory ../accounts/default1/cache/

Problem is that your PHP runs under safe mode. You can check it here:
safe_mode On On
In this mode only user or group that own any directory can create new directories or files in them even if permissions are set to 777.
When PAP4 run under your web server, new directories are created with different owner so installer is not able to access these folders again.
There are three options how to solve this problem.
- Turn off safe mode in php.ini .
- Make web server to create new folders under itself - web server will be owner, not another process.
group user under whom runs web server and user that own installation folders.
     When you open affiliate folder you will see that user that own ../accounts directory is different as user that owns
     You have to group these two users.