Integration check (clicks, sales)

The purpose of this article is to explain how to test if your tracking is working and it also serves as a crossroad to all the different articles explaining in detail how to debug problems with tracking. So it is meant as your starting point in case of any tracking related problems. First please read the following important knowledge:

We need to take into account that if your installation is running with cron job then it takes 2-3 cron job runs before a click/commission is saved.
On hosted with us accounts it takes 5-15 minutes for the click/commission to appear after a link/banner was clicked or an order was placed.
You can speed this up by forcing the requests to process.

After reading the above you can proceed with the following steps:

  1. Prior to making any tests, you should clear your browser's cookies or at least allow "Overwrite cookies" option in Configuration -> Cookies section of your merchant panel.

  2. Login to your merchant panel and go to Configuration -> Event Logging and enable event logging for clicks and sales/leads by checking the checkboxes and saving it.

    Then go to Tools -> Event logs and clear all previous logs if there were any.

  3. Login as affiliate and use his general affiliate link or get a link/banner from Promotion -> Banners&Links section of the affiliate panel. Click the link/banner to get to your website.

  4. Check if your click is saved in Transactions -> Clicks list of your merchant panel (don't forget to click search/refresh to see new results).

    It is very important that a click is saved since it creates a cookie which represents a relation between the visitor who has clicked the affiliate link and his referring affiliate. Without having a click saved you most probably won't even get a sale/action commission saved because the visitor/customer who would do the action/sale would be regarded as unreferred.

    If there is no click tracked, then something is wrong so please debug your click tracking!

  5. If click is recorded and your website is already integrated then clear the Event logs again and make an order on your website/do the action which you want to track. Do not close the thank you page just yet and check in the  merchant panel if the sale was tracked - navigate to: Start -> Transactions -> Commissions (don't forget to click search/refresh to see new results).

    If the sale is not registered, then start debugging your sale tracking.