How to delete cookies

As you might know, after clicking an affiliate link Post Affiliate Pro creates its cookies. Our best affiliate software creates 1st party and 3rd party browser cookies, flash cookies and HTML5 local storage cookies.

The cookies might be created for multiple domains, mainly the domains where you have Post Affiliate Pro click tracking codes placed, then your actual Post Affiliate Pro installation domain and the domain defined in Configuration->Cookies->Cookie domain. Before you attempt to delete these cookies open all these domains in separate tabs so you are sure that no new cookie will be created after you have already deleted some. Now lets proceed with deleting individual cookies.

1st and 3rd party cookies
Deleting of 1st and 3rd party cookies is simple. In Firefox, you can left click on icon just left of the URL and click on more information. Then press view cookies, select all cookies from your domain and delete them. These cookies are browser specific so they are saved only in that browser in which you used affiliate link. If you use IExplorer then you have to delete cookies inside of IE browser. How to delete cookies from your specific browser can be found all around the internet. Just make sure you delete these cookies for all the above mentioned domains.

Alternatively some browsers let you search cookies by cookie name so if you have that option then search for PAPVisitorID and delete all records.

HTML5 local storage
Since version of Post Affiliate Pro cookie ID is saved also into HTML5 local storage so you need to delete it also from there. The process differs from browser to browser and currently most of the browsers lack an easy to use interface for easily deleting content from HTML5 storage and the only option to remove the content from local storage is via various developer tools. Nice article with options in different browsers was written by Martin Brinkmann from, you can find it here.

Essentially you need to open developer tools on each of your domains and look for DOM elements and in there for LocalStorage or for Resources->Local storage in the developer tools. You can then delete the PAPVisitorID entry from there.