Frequently asked questions

Default campaign is stopped/paused

What does it mean when you see this message after log into the merchant panel ? _“Default campaign is stopped/paused. Also tracking of general affiliate link is stopped”_ Default campaign is stopped/paused Please note that it is not an error! It is just a notice for you, that the default campaign is stopped or paused (you can set this in campaign details when you edit it). Also tracking of general affiliate link is stopped This means that click will NOT be saved when customer clicks...

Postback, Callback, Piggyback, S2S, 3rd party tracking

The aim of this article is to help us and our customers identify which kind of 3rd party integration is the person who is contacting us interested in and will serve as a crossroad to different articles explaining these different approaches. No matter what term you use for this kind of tracking we can divide these 3rd party integration approaches to 4 groups: 1. Merchant who owns Post Affiliate Pro or Network is also an affiliate for some 3rd party and would like to promote offers from this 3rd ...

How to add 'Average commissions per click' and 'Conversion ratio' values to affiliate panel campaigns grid

You can display Average commissions per clickand Conversion ratio values to your affiliates in the campaigns grid in affiliate panel. Read more here (

How to add the Click tracking code into a WordPress page?

There are 2 ways to go: 1) Inside WP Admin navigate to Appearance > Editor and look up the 'footer.php' file of your current theme. Click the 'footer.php' file, so that you see its code and right above the </body> tag in the code of 'footer.php' place the click tracking code ( Hit "Update File" 2) You can take use of the Post Affiliate Pro plugin developed for WordPress:

How to correctly setup EU VAT invoices

Post Affiliate Pro has a special setting to support VAT. You can activate it in _Configuration> VAT Handling_ section. The application will then activate a section in each affiliate's account where they can choose if they want to use VAT in their invoices or not. In case they want to use it, they will be able to define their VAT percentage and their VAT ID. When paying out your affiliates, Post Affiliate Pro will generate a different invoice for VAT and non-VAT affiliates. Nevertheless, in ca...

Installation vs. Integration

Since some people used to mistakeIntegration for Installation therefore this article clarifies that those 2 words refer to _completely different actions_. _Integration_:Integration usually means adding a few lines of code into an e-commerce site in order to connect it with Post Affiliate Pro in terms of tracking affiliate-referred clicks, sales/leads. More detailed explanation is available here: _Instal...

How can the affiliates order the campaigns by date in descending order?

If an affiliate wishes to order the campaign by date so the list starts from the newest one then the following steps need to be taken: * While being at the _Campaigns_ screen click the "Edit view" link right above the grid listing the campaigns * Check the check-box next to "Date added" * Rename the view name to something else (e.g. Default v. + Date added) * Click "Save" From this time on you will see also the "Date added" column and if you click its header (the '_Date added_' title), th...

How to assign an affiliate into multiple commission groups easily

This is possible by editing an affiliate in Affiliate Manager and setting a desired commission groupin section Commissions - you should see a list of campaigns/commission groups and be able to modify it as well...

Referrer URL is empty

This is actually not an issue. There might be several reasons why the referer URL would be blank. It will/may be empty when the enduser: * entered the site URL in browser address bar itself. * visited the site by a browser-maintained bookmark. * visited the site as first page in the window/tab. * switched from a https URL to a http URL. * switched from a https URL to a different https URL. (only if it is blocked by referrer metatag on website) * has security software installed (anti...

How to add News content to the old themes?

The news content can be added to any other theme as well. You need to add {widget id="newsContent"} into the "period_stats.stpl" file of the particular theme. However, so far we do not have styling in other themes for the news manager, therefore it is not available by default in other themes, only in the Dash.

How to modify the Traffic Overview in the Home screen of the affiliate panel?

You will need to edit the template called period_stats.stpl that you can find at Configuration > Design > Affiliate panel theme > click Edit Theme on the currently active theme. (For merchant panel use template name: home_panel_content.stpl) Prefixes: $last30Days $today $thisMonth $allTime <== only for affiliate panel, works after activating the '_Affiliate Home Screen additional data_' plugin:

Can I use JavaScript code in template files of Post Affiliate Pro?

You can use a JavaScript code only in the .stpltemplate files of Post Affiliate Pro.Usage of a JavaScript code in .tpl template files of Post Affiliate Pro is prohibited due to security reasons and it won't be changed! Though if you needed to execute some script even in some .tpl file, then include your script via an iframe.

Can I use "if" statements in the email templates of Post Affiliate Pro?

There was a question like this: Is there a way to write an _if then_ statement regarding the status of transaction in the "Affiliate - New sale/lead" notification? The answer is: Yes, it is possible, since the email templates use generic smarty syntax: ( So you can use e.g.: {if $statuscode eq 'D'} Sorry, this transaction has been declined {/if} - the above mentioned code means:If t...

How to change the default size of campaign's Long Description window?

The default size of campaign's Long Description window that shows in the affiliate panel is 450 x 150 pixels. Of course, the window is resizable by the affiliate. The merchant can change the default size of that window easily: Navigate in the merchant panel to _Configuration > Affiliate panel > Menus & screens (tab)_ and there lick _Edit_ next to the _Campaigns_ page In the next screen choose the_Campaigns grid settings_ tab and there you can set the desired default size of Long Descript...

What is the Referrer in the list of Commissions?

As you may have noticed, there is a possibility to show additional columns at _Transactions > Commissions _via the "Edit view" option. There are many columns and among them there is also the "Referrer" column. The Referrer column contains the HTTP_REFERRER ( that identifies the page from which the customer proceeded to the thank you (order confirmation) page in which the sale tracking code (

Why is PAPVisitorId cookie not overwritten using the "Overwrite cookie" option?

The Overwrite cookieoption overwrites only the affiliate info stored inPAPVisitorId ( the database of Post Affiliate Pro.So the value (32 or 40-character long string) of PAPVisitorId cookie in your browser and database of Post Affiliate Pro remains the same, but the affiliate info stored by it is changed if the particular customer clicks another affiliate link and a click is tracked. If there is a cron job running regarding your Post Affiliat...

How to disable tracking of impressions?

If you do not wish totrack impressions (, then do the following:- in the merchant panel navigate to _Configuration > Banners & Links Formats_ - in the section of 'Select Banner or Link' you will see 3 banner formats -- those are the only ones tracking impressions - click e.g. "Text link format" and you will see the code that rigs up the text-link type of banners - remove the {$impression_track} variable from the code and click Save. ...

Why do I see different click commissions in the commission list?

Click commissions in the Commission list for the same day, same IP, same affiliate and same banner are summed up in order to avoid the database grow too large. So, if you provide $0.01 per click and a particular customer clicks the same banner of Test Affiliate in a day 10x, then in the commission list you will see regarding the customer's IP $0.1 click commission associated with Test Affiliate.

How to set up cron job on a Windows server?

Windows server uses "Task Scheduler" that provides the ability to schedule the launch of programs or scripts at pre-defined times or after specified time intervals. If you want to set up acron job ( Post Affiliate Pro (or Post Affiliate Network) on a Windows server, the easiest way is to use the following code: Call LogEntry() Sub LogEntry() On Error Resume Next Dim objRequest Dim URL Set objRequest = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLH...

What is the Cron job for?

Cron job is a server side setting for periodically executing scheduled tasks on your server. It is useful for example for clearing logs, sending periodical reports, saving dummy recurring commissions and many other things. It is also very u seful to process the visits, clicks, transactions in an offline manner. This way you can avoid high server load and process a lot more transactions compared to online/real time processing. If you want to be able to run periodic tasks, such as sendin...

Why do I see 'Banner deleted' message in a transaction?

The "Banner deleted" message may occur in a transaction in the following cases: 1) The transaction was added manually through the merchant panel orimported/uploaded ( a .csv file 2) The campaign id was explicitly defined in the sale tracking code 3) A simple affiliate link (not a banner) was used to get to the merchant's e-commerce page 4) The product purchased matched a different campaign than the bann...

SSL certificates - how to use secure connection?

To use a secure connection ( https:// ) you need anSSL certificate. In most cases the certificate has to be installed in your server so the secure connection can work. So in case you are using a self-hosted installation of Post Affiliate Pro (or Post Affiliate Network) you have to ask your server administrator (or hosting administrator) to install an SSL certificate for your server. For our hosted accounts we provide a wildcard certificate - * Every paid hosted account of ...

How to assign non-referred affiliates to a specific affiliate

If you wish the non-referred affiliates to be assigned to a specific (default) affiliate, then do the following: - in the merchant panel navigate to Configuration > Affiliate signup > Assign non-referred affiliate to (section) > from the drop-down menu choose the desired affiliate > click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

How to set up amazon simple email service (amazon SMTP) in Post Affiliate Pro?

If you want to use SMTP e-mail configuration and you wonder how to set it up using amazon's simple email service, use the following settings: SMTP Server:tls:// SMTP Port: 465 tick Use SMTP authentification and select Authentication Method: Login tick SMTP TLS/SSL + insert your own login credentials (username and password) Here is a sample screenshot:

How to use different logo in the mini-site and affiliate login page?

The logo that you may upload in the merchant panel at Configuration > Design > Customize Logo (tab) > Logo and program name (section) is the one that appears in all of the pages of Post Affiliate Pro. But what if someone wishes to use a different logo in the mini-site? The solution is easy: * Upload your new (desired) logo image to your server, so that it is available online via some URL. * Create a new 'signup page' theme or modify your 'copy' of a default signup page theme at Con...

What is ;T;N or ;T;T for in the language file?

By default all of the rows in the language file end with: ;N;N The first letter is only for internal purposes so that the software can calculate the percentage of translation. E.g.: if there are 3000 rows in the language file, and 300 of them are ending with ;T;N then the software based on that will determine the translation to be done for 10%. (300 / 3000 * 100) The second letter means, whether it is a 'custom' translation or not. More exactly, if there is any row ending with: ;N;T (or ;T;T) ...

Can I translate Post Affiliate Pro for Quality Unit

Yes you can and you are very welcome!We offer Post Affiliate Pro Professional (owned) license for each new language. First, contact our online support to seeif we need your language translation. If we do, you will be given a license with 30 day validity. In this time you have to create the translation. The translation has to be done at least to 98%. If you do not translate it in 30 days and there is no progress in your work, your license will expire and you won't be able to use it anymore. If t...

How to create nofollow links

Some merchants wish to createnofollow links ( to SEO purposes. Here are the instructions to achieve it: Create a new banner wrapper ( _Configuration > Banners&Links Format_and into that new wrapper add:<script type="text/javascript">document.write("<iframe name='banner' src='{$htmlcompleteurl}' framespacing='0' frameborder='no' scrolling='no' width='{$width}' height='{$height}' a...

What is the {$extra_data1} and {$extra_data2} for in a banner's Destination URL ?

The{$extra_data1} and {$extra_data2} can be used to forward some value to the merchant's website. Example: What if a merchant has a site where he wants the product id to be changed dynamically? In that case he can set in a banner's Destination URL the following:{$extra_data1}_ and then for click can be used: and that will redirect towww.merchan...

Is it possible to prohibit commission if affiliate is the purchaser?

Some merchants want to prevent the affiliate to earn commission if the affiliate himself/herself is the purchaser. From logical point of view this does not make much sense, but anyways, we have created a plugin called "Prohibit Commission If Affiliate Is Purchaser" which allows the merchant to set a custom commission that an affiliate should obtain if he/she himself/herself is the purchaser. In order to activate the particular plugin, navigate in the merchant panel to "_Plugins_" and click "_Ac...

Is it possible to track if somebody watched a video

Yes, it is. Online video players usually allow you to hook to various events using JavaScript. You can use this to trigger your sale/action tracking code and to track what you need, e.g. a completely watched video. You can find an example here: (

How to disable the creation of flash cookie?

Sometimes some websites do not allow the creation of flash cookies so you need to restrict theclick tracking code ( to creation of browser cookies. The solution is easy, just use the following line: _PostAffTracker.disableTrackingMethod('F');_ right above the line of: _PostAffTracker.track();_ in the click tracking code. or rightabovethe line of: _PostAffTracker.register();_ in the sale tracking code.

How to define country-specific commissions?

Post Affiliate Pro provides you the ability to provide country-specific commissions within each campaign. How to set such commissions up? 1. In the merchant panel navigate to _Configuration > Plugins_ and activate the "GeoIp Core" and "Google Maps" plugins and also the "Post Affiliate Pro GeoIp" feature at _Configuration > Features_ 2. Restart the application by pressing CTRL+F5 3.In the merchant panel navigate to_Campaigns > Campaigns manager > _click_edit_(_pencil icon_) next to ...

How to connect the mobile application to my Post Affiliate Pro

If you have a mobile phone with the Internet connection, you might like ourmobile application for Post Affiliate Pro ( The application is supported by iPhone, iPad and Android too. However, it seems like setting it up is not that clear for everyone so here is a little help for you. You need 3 pieces of information to be able to connect your mobile phone to your Post Affiliate Pro: 1. The ins...

How to setup Cron job at GoDaddy

STEP 1 Login to your GoDaddy. Navigate to Hosting and then to Manage account. STEP 2 Now, navigate to section Content and find icon for Cron manager: STEP 3 At new window, you will see list of existing cron tasks (if any exist). At the top right corner of the table, there is button Create Cron Job. Just press it and all other settings have to be set depending on info you get in merchant panel.

How to payout affiliates

Lot of our customers are unsure if they are paying their affiliates out correctly, so here is a short description on how to do that. Step zero Before doing anything, you should check if your settings are proper - check if your payout balance is set to proper values. This is used for affiliates to choose on what level they want to be paid out. Then, check if your payout options are defined properly as that is the way you will pay out our affiliates. All these settings you can find in main menu i...

Why I can not see the password field at the signup form

There is no password field for the signup form, users can not set their password at the signup. The application generates the password automatically. The option for password in system configuration is there only to specify how will the password be generated - e.g. using characters only or numbers etc.

How to change title of the Mini-Site

If you want to change the title of the mini-site, it means this: You will need to log in to your merchant panel, click Configuration > Design > Customize Logo and there you should find the Affiliate Program Name.

What is difference between Leased and owned license ?

Leasedversion of license is valid just one year and if you want to continueusing Post Affiliate Pro, you will need to upgrade to an owned licenseafter the license expires, so you get an Invalid License message at the merchant login or affiliate signup page. Owned license means, that youpay just once and the license is valid forever. BUT you can download newdistributions and upgrade to latest versions of PAP just during first12 months after your order - than you will not be able to do download l...

Is it possible to recover the deleted affiliates?

Before deleting any data in Post Affiliate Pro, you are asked if you really want to do that. This warning is there because there is no way of getting the deleted data back.

I want to have affiliate panel in more languages. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. Import all languages which you need (Merchant panel: Configuration>Languages>Import language). Then your affiliates will see on the login screen also the list of languages which they can use.

How can I use mini-site in multiple languages?

If you want to view mini-site in other language than default, you have to add the parameter l=xx where "xx" is the code of language to URL of mini site. Example: - affiliate mini site views in English language - affiliate mini site views in Slovak language Language codes are in merchant panel, next to name of language in list of languages:

How to create Custom Page/URL Page

You will need to log into your merchant panel, click configuration > affiliate panel > menu & screens. Then you should see Add New Custom Page and Add New URL Page button. You will need to decide, what you want to create. In case, that you are creating URL Page, there will be possibility to choose, where should be the page displayed. Just click Add Page, and the page will be created and accessible in the Affiliate Panel. If you want to translate texts on custom pages, enclose...

How to setup multitier commissions (MLM structure)

If you want to offer a multi-level marketing (tier ( in your affiliate program, then you can easily manage this scenario in Post Affiliate Pro 4. Basically, all you need to do is to log into your merchant panel and click on Campaign manager, pick the right Campaign and then click on edit icon: Then go to Commission settings tab and click on edit button (pick the correct commission type from ...

Which integration method for PayPal should I use?

On the page and also in the merchant panel of Post Affiliate Pro at Tools>Integration>Sales/leads tracking you can find more integration methods for PayPal: - PayPal - PayPal (IPN and custom field used by other script) - PayPal (IPN used by other script) Which method to use? You need to look at the HTML source code of the PayPal button (form) you are using. Here is an example of a PayPal button (form) code: <...

How does the tracking work?

1. You set up somecampaigns ( material ( integrate your site/e-shop (where clicks, sales/leads are supposed to be tracked) with yourclick tracking ( (unless standard links ( sites (http://su...

It seems so, that your cron is not running. Please setup your cron properly

This message is considered as an error message by many users. However, this is just a warning. The problem why you get it is that you are using debugging with scheduled cleaning (removing) of the logs e.g. after a time period or reached some number of logs... but the schedule can not be performed as there is no scheduled task (cron job). The warning tries to tell you that if you do not run your cron job and do not remove the logs manually (in case you forgot to turn debugging off), it can cause ...

How to purchase Full integration?

If you want to purchase a Full integration service within the purchase or you decide for the feature later, proceed to the Buy now section of the site Then, select any product (non-hosted) and click Buy now. In the next step, select your desired service: ... and proceed to the checkout. In the SWREG processor, you can deselect the product itself, if you are buying just a service. In the quantity field, instead of 1, fill 0. Then, press button Upda...

Where do I find the campaign IDs ?

Navigate in your merchant panel to Campaigns > Campaigns manager and click the 'Edit view' link above the grid listing the campaigns: Then in the 'Edit view' window tick (check) the checkbox next to the 'Id' and rename the 'View name' to anything else, e.g. Default view1 When you click the 'Save as new view' button, the new view will be applied and the ID column will show up:

How to add affiliates from other affiliate softwares to Post Affiliate Pro

There are 4 ways how to do it: 1. they can sign up at your new signup page (it comes with Post Affiliate Pro ( 2. you can add them one by one in the merchant panel (Affiliates -> Affiliates manager -> Add affiliate) 3. you can import them from a CSV file ( 4. use the API (

How does the timezone/timestamps of sale notifications work?

The table below shows exactly what time stamps will merchant and affiliate receive after a sale is done in other timezone. Timezone set for merchant or affiliate depending on the last known login to their merchant/affiliate panel and the location from which it was made. Customer makes a sale from Japan. server with installed Post Affiliate Pro has by default timezone set to America/Los_Angeles. Merchant's last known login was made from New York and affiliate's from Berlin. In their panels the...

Is it possible to manually create a recurring commission?

Yes, this scenario is possible the following way: 1) set up a cron job -> more info in _Tools > Integration > Cron job integration_. 2) activate the "Recurring commissions" feature at _Configuration > Features > Recurring Commissions_ 3) Set up a recurring commission in acampaign ( any 'per sale' or 'per action' type of commission. 4) Afterwards, navigate to _Transactions >Commis...

How to set/modify parent affiliate

If you need to modify parent affiliate or you want to manually add new affiliate and set it as a child of some of your existing affiliates, you need to follow these few steps. First of all, you should check your signup settings - if you set parentaffiliateid to be hidden, you need to temporarily set it to optional (or mandatory). You can find this setting in Configuration> Affiliate signup> "Fields" tab Do not forget to save your changes. Now, in affiliate details you can set/change par...

When the email Invoice and On payout is sent

In the email templates there you can find the template of email called Affiliate - Invoice and Affiliate - On payout. The email Affiliate - On payout is sent always when you label some commission of an affiliate as paid. The affiliate will get notification that his commissions has been paid. If you want to send also the invoice, you need to specify its format in Configuration>Invoice format. When you label a commissions as paid, check the checkbox "Send generated invoices to affiliate" - it...

How can I change date format?

Go to merchant panel -> configuration-> languages -> edit your language -> language metadata ->change date format to dd/MM/yyyy Don't forget to save the changes.

Where can I find my license ID?

Login to our members area at and each product has its license ID. It is near key icon:

Paused campaign

If a campaign is in 'paused' status, then it is still visible to the affiliates, however, all the sales concerned with this campaign will be assigned to the default campaign. So the commissions will be generated according to the default campaign's commission settings.

Why the quick report is different to daily report when filtering data?

The default time zone for Post Affiliate Pro is Los Angels. In the quick reports the filter is shifted into the logged in merchant's time zone. So, if someone from Central Europe (GMT+1) logs in and checks the quick reports and sets the filter to: From 2011-09-01 To 2011-09-01 then it will be shifted to the GMT+1 time zone, so actually it will show data: from 2011-08-31 15:00 to 2011-09-01 14:59 If someone from USA logs in (his/her time zone is 1 hour behind Los Angels' time zone), then filt...

How to automatically approve commissions after user defined period?

Scenario: I'm a merchant that sales goods and I offer 30 - days money back guarantee. I also have Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) so my affiliates can earn commissions for referred purchases. When the sale occurs the commission goes straight to the affiliate who can request payout let's say 2 days after the actual purchase. But I as a merchant cannot give him the money as there is risk that my customer can request his money back using my offered guarantee. So I need to set all commissions to Pending st...

How to force choosing commission by product ID

This feature was added in version - it was possible before to choose campaign depending on the product ID defined in the sale, but if the ID didn't match, the sale was registered based on cookies data or registered into default campaign. Now, if you want the sale to be registered only in case of matching the defined ID in the campaign, you can set it in configuration. The sale with product ID not defined in any campaign will not be saved. NOTE: Do not use the same product id in more ca...

What is SEO string for (when creating or editing a text link banner)?

When you create or edit a text link banner, since the Post Affiliate Pro 4 version there is a possibility to define a SEO string parameter. This is very useful if you want to increase your search engine ranking for html text links placed on the web. Usually, if you use html links with affiliate parameters, this might lower your rating in the search engines ratings. If you would use an iframe wrapper, you can append the SEO string after the link without affiliate parameters in the noscrip...

Is it possible to track clicks/sales if my website (PAP installation) is on another domain than shop?

it's no problem if installation of PostAffiliate Pro is on another domain then shopping cart. Cookie will becreated for domain where shop is located, so during sale trackingcookie with information about affiliate will be available for trackingscript.

How to set Campaign/ProductID for a single PayPal button

If you want to pick the correct campaign for each PayPal button then simply add one line into PayPal button: <input type="hidden" name="item_number" value="Product1"> Then go to your merchant panel > campaign > pick the campaign that you want to assign this product > edit details > Product ID matching > insert the product number into this campaign - in this case it's the Product1 Now every time this PayPal button is used for purchase, PAP4 will pick this campaign for calc...

What are the codes for !PAYOUTOPTIONID

The !PAYOUTOPTIONID must be: paypal -> 8444af30 check -> 8667d045 moneybookers -> 5b868cd3 bank/wire transfer -> dcc2ffa7

How can i send an email to a specific group of affiliates

If you want to send a mass email to a specific group of affiliates you will need to navigate to Emails> Send Message in your Merchant panel. Then click on Define another filter as showed in the screenshot below. Now you are in the Affiliate Manager and you will need to click on the advanced filter. Now click on "Add custom filter field", to choose the parameter, which will be used for selecting the desired affiliates. Here you can choose it. Then please save the filter and you should ...

Canceling recurring commissions

If you want to cancel recurring commission you have to delete it from Transactions> Recurring transactions in merchant panel. If you use PayPal or WorldPay, or any other payment gateway based on sending IPN, you do not need to do anything - all is done automatically. Recurring and also cancellation of recurring commission is done automatically by payment processor so you even do not need to setup Recurring commission feature.

Do I need more licenses if I want to track more domains?

You need more licenses only in case youwant to install application to more domain. If you only want to trackclicks and sales from more domains and manage it in one installation, then you only need one license. With one license/installation of PAP you can: - have unlimited number of affiliates (depending on license type) - create more campaigns to setup different commissions (e.g.for campaign "cars" commission is 25%, for "bicycles" commission is 12%) - create more banners to track conversions f...

How can an affiliate get direct sub-affiliate

Post Affiliate Pro supports multiple tiers of affiliates which means that each affiliate can be placed in an affiliate tree. Affiliate can be both a parent and a child of some other affiliates. The advantage of being parent to somebody is that if there are tier commissions set up, you will get a commission not only from your directly referred sales, but also from sales referred by your sub-affiliates/childs. More about multi-tier commissions can be found here (

How to setup default language for list of countries

To setup default country in country listyou have to modify it in merchant panel - just go to Configuration> Affiliate signup> Fields> findfield for countries and edit it - here you can setup default country byclicking on an icon in the Actions:

How to display Terms and Conditions in different languages

In your Merchantpanel navigate to Start -> Configuration -> Languages & Regionalsettings -> and click edit on the desired language * * * Choosethe “Translation” tab * * * Click “Addcustom translation” * * * When the “Add custom translation” window popsup, enter a custom unique identifier to the ‘Source message’ field and into the‘Translation’ field insert the desired text to be displayed in the particularlanguage. After that click Save. * * * Do this ...

How to delete cookies

As you might know, after clicking an affiliate link Post Affiliate Pro creates its cookies. Our software creates 1st party and 3rd party browser cookies, flash cookies and HTML5 local storage cookies. The cookies might be created for multiple domains, mainly the domains where you have Post Affiliate Pro click tracking codes placed, then your actual Post Affiliate Pro installation domain and the domain defined in Configuration->Cookies->Cookie domain. Before you attempt to delete these coo...

How to change the URL of the subaffiliate signup link?

When an affiliate clicks in the home page of the affiliate panel the 'Signup Subaffiliates' link, then they get to the particular page called "Signup Subaffiliates": The "http://localhost/pap/affiliates/signup.php (http://localhost/pap/affiliates/signup.php?a_aid=testaff)" part of the link is automatically generated by the system, since it points to the built-in signup page of Post Affiliate Pro. But what if the merchant (or network owner in case of Post Affiliate Network) uses the HTML fo...

What is Referral ID and how to use it

The Referral ID is very important feature. Each affiliate has his/her _unique ID_ generated by PAP which is called _User ID_ (or Affiliate ID).But an affiliate can have aReferral ID which is actually the same, but the difference is that Referral ID is defined by the affiliate. So the tracking is easier for all - you can better remember that your ID is "lucky7" than "5i9mfot4"... Also link looks more familiar too: (it is better than

How to buy and activate bought feature

1.Click on Features in Merchant panel. 2.1 Click on Buy Feature 2.2 Click Buy selected features and it will redirect you to SWREG. 3. You will have to fill in SWREG form and purchase the feature. 4. If you receive confirmation email, go to About in Merchant panel and click yes,if it throws license update alert.

Is it possible to create multiple merchants in Post Affiliate Pro 4 ?

Yes, it is possible. 1. You will need to activate featureMultiple merchants ( Configuration -> Features 2. In Tools menu you will see after activation of this feature and reload of application new menu entry Merchants, where you can add/edit new merchants You can define also custom role privileges for merchants.

How many domains can I use PAP on at one time?

Important is to mention, that PAP can track sales/clicks/leads on multiple domains using one installation. PAP license is valid just for one installation on one domain at same time ! It is possible to move same license just 2 times between different directories or domains ! If you installed PAP on multiple domains at same time and you want to use all your installations, you need to buy more licenses.

Why the 'Parent affiliate' field does not show up when editing an affiliate?

The only reason why there is no "Parent affiliate" field, when you are trying to edit some affiliate in the merchant pane, is this: At _Start > Configuration > Affiliate signup > Fields (tab)_ the '_parentuserid_' field is set to "Hidden". As soon as you set it to "Optional" or "Mandatory" and you click "Save" at the very bottom of that page and refresh the application (CTRL+F5), the 'Parent affiliate' field will show up in the Details (tab) when editing an affiliate.

Why I can sometimes see "Parent affiliate" in signup page and sometimes not

This is not a bug. It is caused by cookies. Let me explain it to you. What is this field good for? When user Michael comes to signup page to become an affiliate John, he/she is usually recommended by existing affiliate. And when John wants to have his own affiliate tree, John wants to become a parent of Michael. To achieve this, there is an option to fill this field up with affiliates ID so affiliate become a parent of new user. This can be done in two ways - * first - you can do it manu...

Is it possible to track channel(subid), data1 and data2 with replicated sites?

Unfortunately it is not possible, since there is no way, how to carry the URL parameters into the tracking script that is dynamically generated via the replicated site (so far it is not implemented). Another thing is, that even if it worked, there would be an issue about it concerning DirectLinks and SEO links.

Is it possible to make any customization? Is source code encoded?

No, it is not possible to make any customization, since the source code from version 5.x.x.x is encoded. However, you can still customize the design of user interface and you can customize or develop plugins. Here you can find help for developers: and programmers documentation: You can discuss adding new features with use.. just contact use via email with your request an...

How to make my banner to open the new window (target attribute)?

You only need to add some code to the banners link. Banner format you can edit inConfiguration>Banners & Links Formats 1. you can make this to be default for all banners: change banners formattarget="_blank" in <a href......> tag... Let's see an example forimage banner code: <a href="{$targeturl}" target="_top"> <img src="{$image_src}" alt="{$alt}" title="{$alt}" width="{$width}" height="{$height}" /> </a> {$impression_track} to make it opening in new window, just ...

Is there any difference between sale and lead tracking?

For sales and leads you can use the same code - sale tracking code.The difference is, that when you track a lead, there is no TotalCost. If you want to track leads, you should place the sale trackingcode into the thankyou page that appears after successful form submission (e.g after signup). Note: If you use a sale tracking code to track a lead, in Post Affiliate Pro the transaction type will say "sale". In case you wish that to be changed, you shall use the action commission feature and a 'lea...

How can I use my older translation after updating?

If you update the Post Affiliate Pro, your older translations won´t be lost. In the directory with translation files you can find the older CSV file with your translation. The file has in the suffix stored information about date and time when it was replaced by newer file. If you want to use it, you need to change the name of file: For example if the name is pap_fr.csv.20090323, the new name would be pap_fr.csv.

Is possible to register click only in case user stays on page more than 30 seconds ?

Yes, It is possible to customize clicktracking code so, that the click will be registered after 30 seconds ofstaying on destination page. Example of such delayed click tracking code could be (with bold is marked change): <script id="pap_x2s6df8d" src="http://localhost/PostAffiliatePro/trunk/server/scripts/clickjs.php" type="text/javascript"> </script> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- setTimeout("papTrack()",30000); //--> </script> In this case we just added set...

How to choose server where we will install PAP4 ?

Often customers ask us how fast server do they need, how much memory do they need on server and so on. Answer is not easy and for every installation it can be different. I will try to suggest you way how you should compute it. What we know: - highest traffic on server will be generated from requests registering impressions of your banners on sites of your affiliates - on common computer with 2.4GHz with 3GB or RAM is possible to execute about 20 requests per second. More CPUs you will have and...

Why is Post Affiliate Pro demo not in English language?

Post Affiliate Pro demo ( is also in English language, but previous customer switched it to another language. There is a list box on Login screen, where you can choose English language. Then by pressing Next button, you will be signed in control panel in this language. You can see login screen in English language on attached picture for introduction. (

What is the difference between unique and raw clicks?

Unique click = when a customer clicks an affiliate link or a particular banner for the very first time and he is redirected to your site (integrated with your click tracking ( code) Raw clicks = all the other times when the same customer clicks any affiliate link or the same banner by which he/she gets to your site.

How do I find a campaign ID ?

There are 2 ways to find the ID of a campaign: 1)In the merchant panel at Campaigns > Campaign manager > click 'edit' (pencil icon) next to the desired campaign and then in the "Edit campaign" window in the top-left corned you will see the Campaign ID. 2) In the merchant panel at Campaigns > Campaign manager > click "Edit view"above the grid listing the campaigns. Check in the "ID" field. Rename the 'view name' so that it does not remain "Default view". Click Save. Now there will b...

I want to use login form for affiliates in my site

To use login form for affiliates you will need to login as an affiliate, then go to Promotions> Advanced tools > Signup Subaffiliates > Download Login form. It will give you the code that you can place anywhere to any site...

What does 'banner status' mean in the banner manager?

In the merchant panel at Banners > Banners manager you can come across the 'Banner status' column. This column is visible only if you activated it in the "_Edit view_" section above the grid listing banners. This banner status does not affect the impressions or clicks. But what does each status mean? Active - visible to everyone => affiliates + merchant(s). Paused (visible) - visible only to the merchant(s) Stopped (invisible) - not visible to anyone. The merchant(s) can see these kind ...

Where do I find the affiliate id?

You have do the following: in the merchant panel at Affiliates > Affiliates manager click the 'Edit view' link above the grid listing the affiliates. Check in the Id field and rename the 'view name' to anything else.. then click Save. A new column will appear listing the affiliate IDs

How to make the affiliate to pay an entry fee to sign up to my Post Affiliate Pro?

If anyone wishes to use Post Affiliate Pro in a way that the customer first has to pay and then to be signed up as an approved affiliate, then it requires to use Post Affiliate Pro combined with kind of a membership software, e.g. Amember. We do have an existing integration method for Amember to signup the customers (who sign up to your Amember) to Post Affiliate Pro after they paid the entry fee: The exact integration wit...