How to automatically approve commissions after user defined period?

Scenario: I'm a merchant that sales goods and I offer 30 - days money back guarantee. I also have Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) so my affiliates can earn commissions for referred purchases. When the sale occurs the commission goes straight to the affiliate who can request payout let's say 2 days after the actual purchase. But I as a merchant cannot give him the money as there is risk that my customer can request his money back using my offered guarantee. So I need to set all commissions to Pending status and then I need to automatically approve commissions after time period, in my case 30 days will be ok.

If you found yourself in this scenario, then here is a guide how to configure PAP using Automatic approval of commissions plugin.

First, go to your merchant panel > Plugins > activate Automatic approval of commissions plugin
If cron error occurs, then you have to configure your cron job so it will automatically start PAP4 tasks using jobs.php script.
To do it use instructions here - Merchant panel > Tools > Integration > Cron job integration.

Now, head to your campaigns manager and select desired campaign - automatic approval of commissions can be set per campaign.
Go to commissions settings tab and select desired commission type - automatic approval of commissions can be set per commission type.

First, you need to change the Commission type settings approval to Manual approval. This is essential for our purpose.
Scroll down to additional options. There you can choose if the plugin should automatically 'approve' or 'decline' the 'pending' commissions after the desired number of days has passed by. The default behavior is to approve such commissions.
Set the desired number of days after which the plugin should be change the status of particular transactions. It is also useful to set kind of a note that will be added to the automatically approved/declined commission.
Don't forget to save the settings before you continue.
Note: Related refunds will be approved/declined also, if they are in "Pending" status.