Default campaign is stopped/paused

What does it mean when you see this message after log into the merchant panel?

Default campaign is stopped/paused. Also tracking of the general affiliate link is stopped”


Default campaign is stopped/paused

Please note that it is not an error! It is just a notice for you, that the default campaign is stopped or paused  (you can set this in campaign details when you edit it).

Also tracking of the general affiliate link is stopped

This means that click will NOT be saved when the customer clicks on the general affiliate link, while the default campaign is stopped! 
A general affiliate link is a simple link to your website including just an affiliate ID in it (no banner ID or campaign ID or channel ID).
Example of a general affiliate link:

Why the click will not be saved?
- customer clicks on affiliate link like
- affiliate will be recognized from the URL parameter
- but, there is no banner defined in the link, so the campaign is not recognized based on the banner
- there is also no campaign defined in the link, so a particular campaign into which click should be tracked is not recognized, so PAP tries to save click to the default campaign. However, the DEFAULT campaign is stopped, so there is no campaign to track that click.


NOTE: in the following link you can see how PAP recognizes the correct campaign in which click or sale should be tracked: