How does the tracking work?

1. You set up some campaigns and promo material and integrate your site/e-shop (where clicks, sales/leads are supposed to be tracked) with your click tracking code (unless standard links or replicated sites are used) and sale tracking code (or action tracking code). Exact codes can be found in your merchant panel at: Start => Tools => Integration
If you prefer to use the php version of tracking codes, then click here
NOTE: in case of Post Affiliate Network the click tracking code and sale tracking code must use the proper account id (find it in Accounts > Account manager)

The network merchants find their integration codes already with the proper account id  at Tools > Integration.
2. Visitor clicks on a banner and lands on your site integrated with the click tracking code.
3. Click tracking code sends request to the server which replies a visitor id. This visitor id is saved to cookies.
4. Post Affiliate Pro (Post Affiliate Network) processes the click and associates the visitor id with some data, like affiliate id, banner id.
5. When the customer proceeds to a purchase [or other action that can be tracked, e.g. download, registration,..] even after days, weeks, months, the sale tracking (action tracking) code checks for the cookie on the customer's computer and if it is not found then it tries to find the referring affiliate by the IP address. If the affiliate is found, the transaction gets registered  and the system generates a commission for the referring affiliate.