Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.0 and Post Affiliate Pro

With the introduction of Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.0 for their Safari browser the owners of affiliate programs worry that their statistics might not be as accurate as before. While this might be true for some affiliate programs, for the most programs operating Post Affiliate Pro this doesn't really change anything. Let us however discuss the specifics.

What ITP 2.0 actually does is that it prevents the creation of 3rd party cookies, this can affect how Post Affiliate Pro tracks only in 2 specific cases:

1. Javascript click tracking code and HTML sale pixel

If you are using DirectLink URL tracking or New Style / Anchor links AND in the same time you use HTML sale pixel this will track the commission only thanks to IP address tracking since the javascript click tracking code will be prohibited by ITP to create a 3rd party cookie (it will create only 1st party cookie) and the HTML sale pixel can read only 3rd party cookies.



is to simply use the javascript sale tracking code instead of HTML sale pixel OR to use Redirect links if for whatever reason you cannot use the javascript sale tracking code.


2. Customer lands on domain A and the sale is completed on domain B

If the customer lands on domain A where click tracking executes and is prohibited by ITP to create 3rd party cookies and sale is made on domain B where sale tracking code executes and the 1st party cookie from domain A isn't available. In this case it will again only track based on IP address.



is to use Redirect links which would create a 3rd party cookie which would be accessible to the sale tracking code on all domains OR a more difficult solution would be to resend the affiliate details to domain B so it can create a 1st party cookie for this domain as well, this can only be handled programmatically on your side.