This is the same tracking method as "New Style Links" but with one difference which makes linking more powerful.

These days, people like SEO optimized websites, SEO approach, SEO all... And this kind of link is the best one for SEO. They are even better than the links rewritten with MOD rewrite (.htaccess). The anchor links work the same way as "New Style Links", but now the variables are called as an anchor - within the page. Google loves these kinds of links so your tracking will win with this style. This linking method also works perfectly fine with Facebook. The links look like this:
The Even better linking style is possible now:
You can enable it at Configuration -> Tracking settings. Please keep in mind, that this will take some additional processing power.
For this tracking method, you need to integrate the landing pages with the JavaScript version of click tracking code, since PHP can't read data that is after # in an URL.