Main site URL
Enter the URL of your website. It will be used to display the general affiliate link in the affiliate panel. It should be the site where some general information concerning your business is available. E.g. if you have a shop, this URL should link to your shop's index page. If you use some additional parameter in your link in order to make it work, then do not hesitate to use those variables in the link too...
E.g. if your shop can be displayed only via this link
then this link have to be put into the main site URL field. The link for affiliate "testaff" will be dispalyed as:
Tracking referrals by IP is used in case the cookies can not be found. Then, during the process of creating the commission for the particular  sale, the last know click from the visitor's IP address is sought. If it is found, then the  affiliate and campaign id from this click is used and the commission for the sale can be created. The IP address validity specifies the 'age' of rawclicks (how many days old rowclicks) to be sought.

Affiliate linking method

This section describes each tracking method - check each tracking method at the links below.