General questions

Where can I find my Account ID?

In Post Affiliate Pro there is only one Account ID which is "default1". For Post Affiliate Network only the owner has "default1" and each merchant has their own ID in the section Accounts > Accounts Manager > ID

How to find the location of php.ini on our server ?

Location of php.ini you can find in your phpinfo report. 1. Try to create simple php file called info.php with content: <?php phpinfo(); ?> 2. Copy this file to your web server. 3. Than open this php file with your browser. Inside report you will see path to php.ini in row called Configuration File (php.ini) Path.

What does "-q" mean in cron job command?

The -q flag suppresses HTTP header output. As long as your script does not send anything to stdout the -q will prevent cron from sending you an email every time the script runs. For example, print and echo commands do send data to stdout. Avoid using those functions if you want to prevent cron from sending you an email on each execution of the cron command.

How to disable directory browsing in apache configuration?

One of the “must do’s” on setting a secure apache web server is to disable directory browsing. Usually apache comes with this feature enabled but its always a good idea to get it disabled unless you really need it. First of all find where is the main apache’s config file httpd.conf is located. Usually it will be located in path like this: /etc/apache/httpd.conf. To edit this file you will need root access to your server. Using some file editor like Vim or Nano open this file and find the...

How do I find campaign / affiliate ID ?

Sometimes you need to know the ID of a campaign or of an affiliate or any other object. For most objects like campaigns, banners, affiliates there are 2 easy ways how you can get it. Here is an example how to get ID of a campaign but the same approach can be used for other objects as well. 1) In your merchant panel at Campaigns > Campaigns manager > click 'edit' (pencil icon) next to the desired campaign and then in the "Edit campaign" window in the top-left corner under the campaign na...

How to choose server where we will install Post Affiliate Pro?

Often customers ask us how fast server do they need, how much memory do they need on server and so on. Answer is not easy and for every installation it can be different. I will try to suggest you way how you should compute it. What we know: - highest traffic on server will be generated from requests registering impressions of your banners on sites of your affiliates - on common computer with 2.4GHz with 3GB or RAM is possible to execute about 20 requests per second. More CPUs you will ha...

Can I use "if" statements in the email templates of Post Affiliate Pro?

There was a question like this: Is there a way to write an if then statement regarding the status of transaction in the "Affiliate - New sale/lead" notification? The answer is: Yes, it is possible, since the email templates use generic smarty syntax: So you can use e.g.: {if $statuscode eq 'D'} Sorry, this transaction has been declined {/if} - the above mentioned code means: If the status of transaction is Declined then disp...

Why I can not see the password field at the signup form

There is no password field for the signup form, users can not set their password at the signup. The application generates the password automatically. The option for password in system configuration is there only to specify how will the password be generated - e.g. using characters only or numbers etc.

Where can I find my license ID?

Login to our members area at and each product has its license ID. It is near key icon:

What is the Cron job for?

Information below about cron job set up applies only for standalone installations, customers in our cloud have cron job set up done automatically Cron job is a server side setting for periodically executing scheduled tasks on your server. It is useful for example for clearing logs, sending periodical reports, saving dummy recurring commissions and many other things. It is also very u seful to process the visits, clicks, transactions in an offline manner. This way you can avoid high server l...

Can I translate Post Affiliate Pro for Quality Unit

Yes you can and you are very welcome! First, contact our online support to see if we need new language translations (as there might be already someone working on it). If we do, you will be given a Post Affiliate Pro license with 30 day validity. In this time you have to create the translation. The translation has to be done at least to 98%. If you do not translate it in 30 days and there is no progress in your work, your license will expire and you won't be able to use it anymore. If there is...

How many domains can I use PAP on at one time?

Important is to mention, that PAP can track sales/clicks/leads on multiple domains using one installation. You need more licenses only in case you want to install application to more domain. If you only want to track clicks and sales from more domains and manage it in one installation, then you only need one license. With one license/installation of PAP you can: - have unlimited number of affiliates (depending on license type) - create more campaigns to setup different commissions (e.g. fo...

How does the timezone/timestamps of sale notifications work?

The table below shows exactly what time stamps will merchant and affiliate receive after a sale is done in other timezone. Timezone set for merchant or affiliate depending on the last known login to their merchant/affiliate panel and the location from which it was made. Customer makes a sale from Japan. server with installed Post Affiliate Pro has by default timezone set to America/Los_Angeles. Merchant's last known login was made from New York and affiliate's from Berlin. In their panels the...

How to buy and activate bought feature

1.Click on Features in Merchant panel. 2.1 Click on Buy Feature 2.2 Click Buy selected features and it will redirect you to SWREG. 3. You will have to fill in SWREG form and purchase the feature. 4. If you receive confirmation email, go to About in Merchant panel and click yes,if it throws license update alert.

What is Referral ID and how to use it

The Referral ID is very important feature. Each affiliate has his/her _unique ID_ generated by PAP which is called _User ID_ (or Affiliate ID). But an affiliate can have a Referral ID which is actually the same, but the difference is that Referral ID is defined by the affiliate. So the tracking is easier for all - you can better remember that your ID is "lucky7" than "5i9mfot4"... Also link looks more familiar too: (it is better than

Installation vs. Integration

Since some people used to mistake Integration for Installation therefore this article clarifies that those 2 words refer to completely different actions. Integration: Integration usually means adding a few lines of code into an e-commerce site in order to connect it with Post Affiliate Pro in terms of tracking affiliate-referred clicks, sales/leads. More detailed explanation is available here: ...