How many domains can I use PAP on at one time?

Important is to mention, that PAP can track sales/clicks/leads on multiple domains using one installation.

You need more licenses only in case you want to install application to more domain. If you only want to track clicks and sales from more domains and manage it in one installation, then you only need one license.

With one license/installation of PAP you can:
- have unlimited number of affiliates (depending on license type)
- create more campaigns to setup different commissions (e.g. for campaign "cars" commission is 25%, for "bicycles" commission is 12%)
- create more banners to track conversions from ANY domain
- assign special affiliates to special campaign so affiliates can see only their campaign and only their banners (e.g. Thomas can promote cars, but not bicycles)

If you feel you need more licenses because you want to have one installation for "cars" and one for "bicycles" then you should buy it, but if you want to manage all domains in one installation, then you can do it with one license only.

PAP license is valid just for one installation on one domain at the same time !
It is possible to move same license just 2 times between different directories or domains ! In case of further moves you will need to contact us to get the license revalidated.
If you installed PAP on multiple domains at same time and you want to use all your installations, you need to buy more licenses.